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During Tax Season, IRS Scam Surfaces

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With tax season serving as a good guise for scammers, it would be a good idea to take a cue from Betty Ann Canizio and be skeptical about random callers threatening you with prison time for a supposed debt.

Democratic District Leader of the 49th Assembly District in Bensonhurst, Canizio received a call from someone claiming to be an agent or the IRS who said her husband was in debt.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports:

Her husband has never been in any kind of trouble, she said.

Canizio suspected that the “IRS agents” were going to tell her to send money to them in order to clear up her husband’s non-existent problem.

She was too wise for them.

“It was obviously a scam. I was too smart to fall for it. But I worry that these people are out there doing this. I know how the government works, but there are a lot of people out there who don’t and they could fall for it,” Canizio said.

Canizio, who contacted the 62nd Precinct, to told the Eagle that she wanted to warn the public about the scam.

And she isn’t the only one telling people to be wary of such calls. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen warned in a statement on February 19, “Taxpayers should be on the lookout for tax scams using the IRS name. These schemes jump every year at tax time. Scams can be sophisticated and take many different forms. We urge people to protect themselves and use caution when viewing e-mails, receiving telephone calls or getting advice on tax issues.”

On a more positive note, be sure to take advantage of all tax breaks.

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