Dunkin’ Donuts Will Be Shooting A Commercial In Our Neighborhood Tomorrow And Monday


Dunkin Donuts film shoot

After wondering what the mysterious “DD” film shoot happening Saturday and Monday (and for which you hopefully moved your cars this morning – and will have to move your cars for by 5am Sunday) was going to be, we tracked down the location manager Jose – and he told us it’ll be a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial shoot.

The filming is going to take place from 6am to 10pm both tomorrow (Saturday) and Monday, and so far we’ve spotted signs for the shoot on both Dorchester and Ditmas from E 16 to E 18, plus on E 17 from Dorchester to a quarter of a the way down the block between Ditmas and Newkirk. And donuts in the spotlight means don’t even try to park in that area tomorrow or Monday.

(Speaking of the donut company – and obsessively googling everything – we disovered that, uh…Dunkin’ Donuts is going to have a Shark Week donut. So, that is happening – as is Dunkin’ Donuts promoting Shark Week selfies. Which people are doing.)

Back to the filming – the signs don’ specifically say your car will be towed if you don’t move it, but if it is moved or you have other questions, you can reach Jose at (914) 774-3499.

As always, if you spot other signs for this filming, or any other, send us an email at

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