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Dunkin’ Donuts Coming Soon To Avenue X



Dunkin’ Donuts will soon open at 273 Avenue X, replacing an independent coffee house with a franchise.

The storefront, at the corner of Stryker Street and a block shy of McDonald Avenue, is the former home of Amori Baci,, a nice Italian cafe that served gelato and crepes in addition to standard coffee house fare. Amori Baci opened in 2011, but we’re not sure when it shuttered.

Dunkin’ Donuts appears to be making moves in the area. Another location is popping up on Neptune Avenue in Brighton Beach, as well as on Cropsey¬†Avenue in Bath Beach. Those are the ones we know about, and their website lists dozens of existing locations in the area. With the latest additions, it’s nearly at the point where you’ll be able to find a D-n-D within five blocks of any spot in the neighborhood.

We’re not so sure that’s a good thing. What do you think?

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  1. Amori Baci closed down last year, I believe at the end of the summer or early fall and I truly miss it. They had great gelato, pasteries, sandwiches and crepes but I did find their prices a bit high and apparently so did those in this neighborhood. Avenue X has drastically changed and had they been in business 10 or 20 years ago they would have flurished. FYI, they are associated with Knapp Street Pizza. As for Dunkin Donuts, I don’t know the date of their opening but they are hiring right now.

  2. That Italian pizza parlor on Avenue M and E 17 is closed and has a for rent sign in the window. ( I know, I know, totally out of Bites jurisdiction. )

  3. Does anyone know who will rent out the service docks at once was Strauss Stores on Nostrand Ave? The new Auto supply story is only half the space.

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