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Drunk Driver Arrested After Flipping Car In Front Of 18th Avenue Fire Station

Photo of flipped car submitted by reader Brian Doherty.
Photo of flipped car submitted by reader Brian Doherty.

A man was arrested Saturday after apparently driving drunk and flipping his car upside down on 18th Avenue.

Police officers witnessed a Blue 2003 Nissan Maxima recklessly driving down 18th Avenue at around 1pm, before it slammed into a parked vehicle, causing the moving car to flip over in front of the fire station at 8653 18th Avenue, according to the NYPD.

Miguel Vasquez — the driver — appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and was removed by EMS to Coney Island Hospital. Later, he was arrested and charged with DWI and Driving without a License, according to police.

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  1. While I find it reprehensible to drive drunk. I feel the same about those who double park. Double parking is illegal and the NYC Drivers Education program needs to start hammering that point home to kids. People double park like entitled a-holes around here. It’s illegal, even for “two seconds to drop someone off”.

  2. While I completely agree that double-parking is a terrible thing, and should be policed more stringently, to put it in the same category as drunk-driving is tone deaf and inappropriate.

  3. Considering no one gets it or seems to care. I feel it is absolutely the right place to discuss it. Especially considering BOTH illegal activities were at fault for this horrible accident.

    The only way double parking becomes an issue or discussed is if someone dies. What’s truly sad is that people of this city have come to accept double parking and treat it as no big deal, just as you are doing with your reply.

  4. I’m not treating it as being “no big deal”. However, the article says nothing about a double-parked car having been involved in this accident. It only mentions a “parked car”, and while double parking on that street is rampant, I can’t find any statements online that indicate that the guy didn’t clip a legally parked vehicle. Secondly, no one was killed or even seriously injured (other than the drunk). So, really, double parking is immaterial to this article and discussion.

    Personally, I think the 62 should declare the entire precinct to be a zero-tolerance zone for double parking, and order the police to ticket every single double-parked vehicle, 24/7. Clear up our streets, make them safer, and bring in legally valid revenue.

  5. I have not read anywhere that it was a legally parked car either. So until that is clarified, what I am saying is a valid topic of discussion.
    Please, direct me to the news story about all the illegal double parking in the area, so that this discussion can be furthered in the proper forum. If there is not one, this seems as good a place as any.

  6. Sorry, I don’t have time to find you an appropriate location. I suspect you’ll be discussing it alone here. Only you and I seem to care about double-parking, and until evidence shows that illegally parked cars were involved, I don’t think this is the proper thread to discuss it further.

    My rule of thumb for online news sources is to take the report on each forum as written. (For example, if I read a report of an incident here and another report on the same incident on The Brooklyn Paper site, I’ll only comment in each forum on the facts as presented on that particular site. I might indicate that reports elsewhere differ, and I may ask questions of the author if I think something is vague, and I think the answer might be informative. But I do not make assumptions absent facts (or absent reported allegations), nor do I debate off-topic.

  7. I was there a few min. after it happened..One poster brings up double parkers as a reason for this? No it was a drunk driver without a valid license, operating a motor vehicle..He ran into the rear tire of a parked suv, then rolled his.. Double parking is a big problem… Especially on tight one way streets when emergency vehicles need to get through.. I’m guilty, I do double park on occasion..But will not block a street or do it with another car on the opposite side of the street making a mess of things..

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