Southern Brooklyn

Drugstore Cowboy Terrorizing Southern Brooklyn Apothecaries

Health Star Pharmacy (Source: Google Maps)

Apothecaries, beware.

A brazen, firearm-brandishing drugstore cowboy has been making the rounds through nearly half a dozen of Southern Brooklyn’s mom-and-pop pharmacies since March 3, demanding potent painkillers, including the highly addictive OxyContin, from terrified apothecaries, The New York Times is reporting.

Cloaking himself in a heavy winter coat, ski cap and blue jeans, the methods of the armed robber — whose most recent break-in was in Health Star Pharmacy, 1422 Avenue U in Homecrest — “are strikingly consistent” and are leading police to believe that the thief, possibly in search of his next fix, lives in the neighborhood.

Police have stepped up their efforts to catch the man, whose voice and conduct, according to a druggist at J Drugs on Avenue J, suggest that “he may have been an addict who was robbing to feed his addiction.”

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  1. I thought from the video I saw on TV that it was an elderly gentleman. If someone is dying of cancer and can’t afford to buy pain killers because of no health insurance and resorts to crime to get his medicine, that would be a shame.

  2. I wonder how many kids under 21 get the reference, Drugstore Cowboy?

    Oxys… legal heroin. Sometimes the only difference between a dealer and a pharmacist is tax id.

  3. It would be a shame if your assumption is right, insurance companies cover less and less, and there is nothing we can do about it.
    I work at a doctor’s office, and we have drug addicts coming for fix all the time…and they all look and act the same, telling us same story over and over. Guess they get it from some doctors, otherwise they won’t be coming…

  4. I see people in their late teens and twenties acting superior, not caring who sees or hears their actions. Numb to their surroundings in a narrow world. Made angry and aggressive at the drop of a hat. Is this the high from Oxy? It could be just ignorance, arrogance and a who would care less attitude. It is so typical a personality these days.

  5. I don’t think that has to do with oxy or any other drug. Kids are douchebags and they don’t need any drugs to become one.
    If anything bad parenting is to blame. Back in Senegal where I was born, all kids were assholes too but if one of them would disrespect elder neighbor he would get a beating of his life from his parents, right in the middle of the street. Beating a kid on the street is very important, it adds extra humiliation. So next time you see someone beating a child for being a dick in supermarket give that mother a hug and say thank you for raising your kids properly.
    These fucking 13 year old shits walking around all tough on the street. They need a good beating to put them back in their place, cock sucking bitches. Go bring me extension cord I’ll make a man out of you, even if it kills you.

  6. In the 70’s drug stores were getting burglarized at night, back then if was for ups/downs and pharmacy hard core stuff.

  7. Excellent article. You have made
    your point and there is not much to argue about. It is like the following
    universal truth that you can not argue with: No truth is universal, everything
    has its exception. Thanks for the info.

  8. Now thank God theyve made oxys basically impossible to abuse they turn to gel once pressed down on and that stops people from snorting or injecting and even if u do try to chew u would risk chipping ur teeth and the medicine wont be released any quicker either wish all drug companies did this

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