Southern Brooklyn

Drivers, Bicyclists Needed To Transport Donated Goods To People In Need


A to Z Daycare at 3053 Avenue U has been doubling as a donation drop off center for local victims of Hurricane Sandy – but they’re having trouble delivering the goods.

Leon Lipkovich, the owner’s husband, wrote to us requesting help finding volunteers with cars – or even bicycles – to gather up the goods and bring them to local shelters in need, such as those in Gerritsen Beach and elsewhere. He said the place is overflowing, and they just can’t get it out fast enough because of the gas shortage.Text or call (718) 407-0143 to volunteer to make deliveries.

Similarly, AKO Interior at 2184 McDonald Avenue is offering its warehouse as a drop-off center for food and clothing to redistribute at shelters. On Facebook, they wrote:

AKO would like to offer our warehouse as a drop off point for the donations. We are 2184 McDonald Ave. You can reach us at 718-265-2800. We will be here until 6pm today and tomorrow until 5pm. Once we collect we will send our truck to drop off at the shelters.

AKO said they may have the same problem, but are currently waiting to see how much they collect.

If you know of another business being used as a drop-off point for donations of clothing or food, please post it in the comments. Try to include their contact information, as we expect they will also need help transporting the goods.

If you’re able to volunteer your time and limited gas – or willing to do the trip by bicycle – please call either of these businesses and see when and where they need you.