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Driver Fled Scene Of Sunday's Manhattan Beach Accident

Photo by Stan Kaplan

The photo above is one of three parked cars struck by a speeding driver Sunday evening in an accident that has locals saying, “We told you so.”

Around 8:00 p.m., a car speeding westbound on Shore Boulevard lost control near the curve between Exeter Street and Dover Street, slamming into three cars more than 50 feet apart, before flipping over at Coleridge Street.

The driver of the flipped car then crawled out of the vehicle and fled on foot, leaving behind his injured passenger, as well as injured bystanders in the other cars.

Calls to the 61st Precinct went unanswered, and the status of the driver remains unknown.

The accident occurred near the same intersection where Brian Waldman, 52, was killed last July, when a speeding car coming around the curve struck him as he exited his vehicle. In that case, too, the driver fled the scene and was arrested the next day.

That has Manhattan Beach Community Group up in arms, as they’ve been badgering the city since Waldman’s death to install a traffic light near the curve to slow drivers down.

“We are outraged that the Brooklyn DOT Commissioner plays games while the good people of Brooklyn who visit, work, study or play¬†in this neighborhood¬†get hurt or die,” the group wrote on their website. “We WILL continue our fight to make Manhattan Beach SAFER on Shore and Oriental Blvds.”


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  1. I wonder how much it would cost to have a stop sign made and installed, and to pay someone to paint “STOP” on the road?

  2. I just came back from a walk with my baby to MB park and and took Oriental there and back. It was like a drag strip there were cars going at 50-60mph going around other cars on the stripes. I also witnessed one car going around a bus on the stripes and swerving back into the lane to avoid another car that was about to run a stop sign. The time it took to walk from Corbin to the park was about 20 minutes each way because of the kid and the whole time the only cop i saw there was writing parking tickets and it was not a meter maid it was a real cop car. Bottom line is you can put all the traffic signs or signals you want but if no one is going to enforce them they are useless. The fighting between the 2 groups needs to stop and the people who live there need to get something done quick.

  3. I don’t know about hit and run, but its definitely the second accident in the same exact spot in two weekends. Last sunday a parked suv was hit

  4. Saw two empty or near empty buses racing toward the College today at around 11:30 AM each going at least 30 mph, one driving in the proper lane and the other one alongside it on the zebra stripes. If someone would have stepped off the curb or the mall without looking, there would have been no place for either bus to swerve to get out of the way. Everyone just needs to take it easy. There was absolutely no reason for the buses to be driving in parallel.

  5. As I’ve suggested before, I think grooved pavement for the block before and after the curve would be more effective in slowing down cars than a traffic light or flashing yellow lights would be. With a traffic light you run the risk of cars speeding up to make the green instead of slowing down. I don’t know why someone would think one would make things safer.

  6. If the zebra stripes would be converted into a protected bike lane it would cut out all the illegal driving on the stripes and be much safer for everyone.

  7. By “protected,” I’m assuming you mean like what they did along Prospect Park West. The problem with that is that it would impede emergency vehicles and the lane goes from nowhere to nowhere and has very light usage as is. Do you really think people want to bicycle to school from all over the borough during all sorts of weather?

  8. What do you mean “Impede emergency vehicles”? it becomes a 1 lane street, the same as every other street in MB. isnt that what the stripes are trying to accomplish?
    it changes the blvd from a “1 lane legal + 1 lane illegal” to a “1 lane legal + 1 lane impossible unless you are on a bike” – the goal is primarily to cut out the illegal drag racing on the stripes.. If you dont want it to be a bike lane, let it be a jogging route, pedestrian walk, whatever you want, just keep the cars off it.
    in defense of the bike lane, it’s not only for college kids from all over the borough, it’s also for beach-goers, residents, children, fitness enthusiasts, well you get the idea.

  9. What a frikin low life. Hope the police find him, lock him up and throw away the key! I can’t even imagine fleeing the scene of an accident, especially when there are injuries involved.

  10. Evidently, the city has enough money to change street signs because some dumass pol doesn’t like the font that they have been written in, but not enough to do something intelligent like paint stop on the road and install a stop sign.

  11. It would impede emergency vehicles because of the mall. On Shore Blvd an emergency vehicle can pass by going into the opposing lane. Unless you tear down the mall and cut down the trees, an emergency vehicle would not be able to pass. Cars drive on the stripes because there is not enough capacity when the students are going to or coming from the College in large numbers. Funny, when you had two lanes of traffic in each direction, no one was complaining about anyone speeding.

    If you see three people an hour using the bike lanes, it’s a lot, and having an isolated bike lane leading to nowhere makes no sense especially when you can put the bike lane on on of the dual sidewalks along Shore Blvd where it belongs. That would be protected, be safer and serve everyone.

  12. I meant for the MB people to do it themselves, by the time they wait for the DOT there wont be anyone left alive. Poof, you have your signage. And if the DOT protests, POOF, you have publicity for your problem. Seems like a win win to me.

  13. gotcha, so emergency vehicles can use shore blvd then in the event of an emergency, no?
    as for the 2 lanes, people WERE complaining, that’s why they put the stripes in.
    personally, yes, i agree that shore blvd sidewalk is safer for cycling – especially for children because it is protected. you can even connect the two and have a 2 mile loop circling MB.
    I dont think cars drive on the stripes because of “capacity” every time i see a car driving on the stripes, it is because they dont want to drive at the reasonable speed of the car in front. The above complaint about the busses using the stripes is a perfect example, was there not enough room for the busses to drive one in front of the other? sure there was, but not if you want to practice your bus-drag-racing skills.

  14. Government always has enough money to do what it wants to do. Do we really need a $100,000 study to see if we should extend the #7 to New Jersey when sp much else needs to be done? Someone in City government owed some consultant a favor.

  15. You are right. People were complaining when there were two lanes in each direction, but as you can see the stripes didn’t help and should be removed. In fact, I think it made the problem worse. What they need is enforcement which I don’t understand why they are so reluctant to do since it generates revenue. They need to do it once a week on random days and random locations on a continuous basis, not once every 6 months when there is an uproar.

    No they can’t use Shore Blvd all the time in case of emergency because what if the emergency is on Oriental Blvd like a fire or something?

  16. What’s stopping the community from chipping in and planting a few stop signs and painting the street themselves? It may not be official, but it might help keep more people from speeding down the streets.

  17. You know what the sad truth is? A traffic light at this location or a speed bump wouldn’t have changed a god damn thing. The type of person that ran away from this accident still would have been speeding despite the light. With a person like that at the wheel imagine how much worse the carnage may have been if he ran a red light and T-boned a car. Or if he ran over a bump and flipped into the water….

    Think on that people.

  18. That’s not a bad idea, let’s set some well-designed ramps to launch speeders into the water…

    Then again it is the City, they’d probably just overpay some under-qualified company connected to some official and drag out the process…

  19. I live in MB. Do you know what kind of traffic a Stop Sign would create on Shore Blvd. All people saying, why don’t they put up a stop sign. Come see the traffic with just one traffic light there when Kingsboro is getting out. Forget beach days….

  20. people wouldn’t stop anyway if there was a stop sign there… go to Brighton 15th street & Brighton Beach Ave, at the corner there is a Stop Sign and a Stop Line yet people always just don’t care and drive right thru and make a turn to go into MB or back into Brighton… Some people just do not know the rules of the road and that is the problem…

  21. I don’t understand why the increased bad and dangerous driving in our borough is ignored by politicians. People are dying, people are getting hurt. No reaction besides Freddy Kruger’s plan to fine us pedestrians for using ipods.

    Meanwhile, utter one word that some politically correct moron deems as racist, and the holy heavens will fall upon you. Speech after speech will be made. Legislation will be introduced. The tv cameras will hound you. Maybe the tv camera truck will run you over with reckless driving, but it’s your off-color comment that will be publicized.

    Meanwhile I cross each street in fear at this point. I look both ways at one way streets, and pause, even though the light is red.

  22. > Some people just do not know the rules of the road and that is the problem…
    They do know but simply don’t respect them

  23. I think we do. This issue only gained new life after Gov. Cristie killed the other tunnel plan. There are federal dollars available and the expensive work is already nearing completion since the 7 extension to Javitz is on track to open in the near future.

  24. This is all true. Many people in different capacities have tried to help improve the situation. If there would be dedicated police every day to enforce these rulles the problem would be solved. There are dedicated police on Tillary Street & Adams and there are dedicated police on Tillary & Flatbush Avenue Extension. I can go on and on if I want to. There is ALWAYS gridlock on East 39th & 3rd Ave (Manhattan) unless there are traffic police there issuing tickets. The minute the traffic cops disappear, the gridlock returns. To solve the problem permenantly, permenant measures are needed.

  25. Unfortunately that is not the case. Many people brought the speeding issue to the Brooklyn DOT. As a result they conducted a study that there was indeed a speeding issue. THey then moved foward with the recomendations of their engineers and came up with the necking down concept. Once again I personally invite you to be a member of the traffic committee of the MBNA

  26. All they need is one car throughout the day to pull over speeders and make their presence known and things will get better. At the same time the city will make money from it. One problem is that its not only students speeding its people who live here and after a few times of getting pulled they are going to start complaining that they are being harassed.

  27. It doesn’t even have to be every day. One random day a week would also help, not once every six months.

  28. Either you didn’t respond to the correct post or didn’t understand what we were talking about. We were not speaking about what is happening now but were talking hypothetically if they made the bike lane into a “protected one” like on Prospect Park West. That is where the bike lane is at the curb and the cars would park on what is now the zebra lane. That is what I said would impede emergency vehicles.

    I have no disagreement with any of your statements. Would just like to make an added point. Not all of DOT’s “engineers” have an engineer’s license. It’s just an office title they use. Maybe that’s why they don’t always come up with the best ideas.

  29. Do the federal dollars have to be used for a tunnel to Jersey? Wouldn’t we benefit more if we converted the Bay Ridge LIRR service to passenger light rail (trolley) and possibly extend it via an AirTrain like structure to JFK over Linden Blvd in East New York? Why does Manhattan always come first? Rhetorical question.

  30. I like the idea, but unfortunately I don’t know if that would work if the people put up their own stop sign. It wouldn’t be taken seriously by most. I think it would have to be an “official” stop sign.

  31. I know that you’re saying this “tongue in cheek”, but that may not be a bad idea to have a multi-lingual stop sign. Maybe in English, Russian, Chinese

  32. Age is only one factor in experience and cynicism. If people don’t have the common sense, nor the respect, to drive slowly at night around a bend, then let them pay the price. Threats of jail, vehicular damage and other such nonsense is not a deterrent to them as of the moment, let Herbert Spencer’s phrase be the law for Darwinism.

  33. of course that woudl be better, I am not sure how the dollars have to be spent. I think you can have Airtrain extended along the LIRR to Atlantic Terminal and then extend it to hook into Dekalb Avenue, then use the Montague tunnel now that there is no more brown M and have Airtrain terminate @ Chambers

  34. of course you are 100% correct. The problem is the 61 is a large command and when they plug in MB’s numbers into the mix, the numbers simply do not justify it on a permenant basis.

  35. The fact that the driver fled the scene garners no sympathy from me, especially when he or she doesn’t even check on their own passengers. Even if it was carelessness or inattentiveness, the non-guilty thing to have done was to remain at the scene, and assist any injured if possible. No, they ran instead. Either they were guilty of speeding or a coward (due to the potential charges), but in both cases no sympathy is found in my camp. Too many irresponsible people driving the streets these days, and this driver was definitely one of them.

  36. You are probably correct, but again that would primarily benefit Manhattan and do little or nothing for Central or Southern Brooklyn like utilizing the Bay Ridge LIRR would do.

  37. I fully agree with you. When I made my comment I was really thinking about the other incident exiting the Belt Parkway at Knapp St.

  38. Yeah, too many drivers these days feel they are entitled to drive their cars, forgetting it’s a privilege that’s supposed to be earned. I’ve lost count the number of times I was almost in an accident because of drag racers and non-signalers, especially just on Ocean Parkway late at night.

    “Oh, I need to make that turn! I’ll just cut across two lanes of traffic within the next forty feet! Good luck everybody! Don’t mind me for not signaling!”

  39. Just as bad are those drivers making a left turn off Ocean Parkway who don’t even bother to look to see if there are pedestrians legally crossing in the crosswalk. Several times I just had to run out of the way not to get hit.

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