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Drinking Local to Celebrate National Margarita Day


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It’s here again. February 22. National Margarita Day!

Sneaks up on you, right? Someone should really sit down and research all of the food-based holidays (“holidays”) and make one giant food-based-holiday calendar. And then we’d all know what to eat every day of the year! Sounds like a fun project, right? Who wants to do it? Obviously, we can’t start today, because we’ll be too busy drinking all of the margaritas, but soon. We’ll start soon.

Not sure where exactly to drink all of those margaritas? We’ve got some great choices right in the neighborhood. Get in the mood with the obligatory margarita anthem, and read on for our Park Slope cocktail picks.

Bogota Latin Bistro (141 Fifth Avenue) brings some spice to their margarita. In addition to the classic cocktail ($9) and some tropical variations ($10), the Colombian restaurant and bar also serves up a pretty unbelievable Jalapeño Guava margarita ($11), made with jalapeño-infused tequila and muddled guava. It’s definitely got a kick, but the guava levels out the heat and keeps it from being too overwhelming. Also, none of the cocktails use pre-made sour mix. Keeping in line with their dedication to healthy ingredients, the bar uses fresh lime juice instead.

Western-styled Tex-Mex joint Lobo (188 Fifth Avenue) keeps things spicy with their house-infused tequilas. For the most heat, request Ancho Chile or Jalapeño & Serrano in the classic margarita ($8), or try a different kind of spice with the Sangre de Lobo margarita ($9). The specialty cocktail uses their cinnamon-infused tequila and mixes in blood orange puree, lending it the flavor and aromatics usually found in more wintry drinks.

Los Pollitos II (148 Fifth Avenue) is famed for its margaritas, even making a “Best of NY” list in 2011 for its variation on the classic cocktail ($7.50). Owner Jose Pauco makes them special with 1800 Silver tequila, fresh lime juice, and a splash of orange juice, and the result is dangerously delicious. The bar also offers fruity variations ($8.50) made with real, fresh fruit. Happy hour runs to 7:00 p.m. and gets you $1 off the cocktails. Soak up the drinks with a heaping plate of guacamole (fresh and made to order) and some chips.

And for those who don’t mind traveling just a bit, check out some South Slope picks.

Any spots that we missed? Where have you been overwhelmed by tequila and sour-y goodness? Please share!

Photo via Los Pollitos II

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