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Drink a Beer to Four More Years: Where to Celebrate Obama’s Inauguration


Obama Inauguration

President Barack Obama officially began his second term in a quiet ceremony at the White House yesterday morning, but today is when the fun happens. If you’re home and one of the many Brooklynites without a television and/or cable, you can catch a live stream of the swearing-in ceremony hosted by The 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee and beginning at 11:30am. You can even channel the President himself by running through his official Spotify soundtrack for your own private Inaugural Ball! But if you’d like to welcome the event in good company, you’ve got a couple spots to choose from.

The Owl Farm (297 9th St) is opening early at 1pm to host Inauguration celebrations. According to the Inauguration schedule, Obama will already have signed the documents by then, but what’s the point of a 24-hour news cycle if not to repeat clips over and over for the people who think 11:30am is just too early? Take a look at what The Owl Farm’s got on draft this week right here.

For something on a bit of a larger scale, head north to BAM, where they’re streaming coverage of the events for free as part of its Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The celebration began early this morning with live musical performances, and continues with a simulcast of the Inauguration that began at 10:30am in the Jay Peter Sharp building (30 Lafayette Avenue in Fort Greene).

And, though neither of these bars are hosting Inauguration events per se, both Old Carriage Inn (312 7th Avenue) and Jackie’s 5th Amendment (404 5th Avenue) open early (10am and 8am, respectively) and have TV screens. The bold can try their luck at requesting a channel, though we offer no guarantee of the results.

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