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Double Murder At Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses

Josephine Rodriguez is comforted by friends after the murder of her daughter, Crystal Melody Sweet, during a triple shooting at the Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses. Source: The Daily News

Deadly gun violence broke out at the start of the Memorial Day weekend during a Friday night bloodbath at 2938 Avenue W, resulting in the deaths of a young mother and her boyfriend.

Authorities believe that drugs were the primary factor behind the deaths of Crystal Melody Sweet, 22, and her boyfriend, Timothy Walter, 26. According to The New York Post, the couple was fatally shot as they were returning home to the Sheepshead-Nostrand Houses, with Walter’s 30-year-old brother, also wounded in the shooting, from a party they had attended.

While The Daily News established that Sweet and Walter’s brother were returning back from the party to meet up with Walter, it is unclear if the party was in Bedford-Stuyvesant, or in East New York, as The New York Times reported.

Shot in the head and neck three times, Sweet was described by her father Ricardo Rodriguez as “an awesome person.” She was the mother of a 5-year-old girl and had recently confided to friends that she believed she was pregnant. According to her mother, Josephine Rodriguez, Sweet was a home health worker who aspired to help handicapped children.

While there is no exact known motive for the triple shooting, The Daily News revealed police sources as saying that “Timothy and Cornelius Walter both have extensive criminal records and had each done prison time. Timothy Walter had been arrested 24 times and was on parole. Cornelius Walter had 13 prior arrests.”

Walter’s rap sheet included arrests for murder and narcotics charges, and sources stated that he and his brother, currently fighting for his life at Kings County Hospital, both had crack cocaine on them at the time of the shooting.

As Sweet’s family grapples with their loss, Rodriguez revealed to The Post that cops told him they believe there may be a correlation between this weekend’s double murder, and another eerily similar fatal shooting that took place on October 30 of last year in the lobby of the building where Sweet lived.

While a weapon has not been recovered from the scene, approximately 10 9-mm shell casings were found.

A makeshift shrine in memory of Sweet and Walter was erected in front of the lobby where the three were shot.

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  1. The NY Times ran a nice piece last week about living in  Sheepshead Bay, obviously before this tragic crime. The NY Times also noted that Sheepshead Bay HS is close to needing to be rechristened as a failing school. Crimes like these in public housing accross the street from the school will continue to keep academically able neighborhood students who have choices to learn elsewhere from attending their neighborhood high school.

  2. Totally not PC but: 2 people (one injured, one killed) with a total of 37 arrests and jail time between them is hardly a tragedy. If anything, its Karma. 

    The woman’s death is sad but you can’t expect sunshine and lollipops when you associate with people like those mentioned above. Work long enough around shit, you’re gonna smell like shit, whether you like it or not.

  3. i think it’s time for me to walk up Nostrand on the other side of the street (which I usually do, but sometimes don’t). Getting scary these stories are.

  4. Seems like the poor gal shouldnt have been dating a guy whos gone to jail 34 freaking times. Guess how many times I’ve been in jail on murder charges? ZERO 🙂
    His lifestyle caught up to him, unfortunately these thugs can’t aim and couldn’t even kill the right person. Probably because they were shooting sideways

  5. If this was a white couple and their brother if the were on parole I weirder if they would’ve reported it smh someone has lost their live 2 mothers have lost a child a child lost her mother smh pathetic ass reporters

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