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Domino’s On Cortelyou Is Open


domino's 1216 cortelyou
After a few delays, Domino’s Pizza has opened at 1216 Cortelyou Road (between Argyle and Westminster Roads).

The space, which moved from 900 Coney Island Avenue (between Ditmas Avenue and 18th Avenue) to take over the former Irwin & Sons Dry Cleaners space, did not have hours posted on Saturday–but if it’s keeping the same hours as its former location, it will be open 10am-1am Sunday through Thursday and 10am-2am Friday and Saturday. You can call them at 718-692-0900.

Neighbors have voiced their displeasure about the store on our other posts about it, but since the “I’m going to try and resist it/only go in at weird hours/wear sunglasses and a hood when I do, but yeah, I’m looking forward to it” option did reasonably well on our Checkers poll, we have to ask.

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  1. There is basically no situation where I would suffer through giving Domonios my business, especially in the neighborhood where there are multiple, superior, independent pizza options, and better late-night options as well.

  2. Probably shouldn’t admit this, but their “thin crust” (basically crispy cracker crust) is actually pretty decent.

  3. We don’t have a lot of good pizza joints. We have some okay ones, but we also have some real stinkers.

  4. Regardless of my opinion of Domino’s in the area, why did they even open in the first place? There’s a Domino’s on CIA right by Ditmas Ave…..where a crappy chain should be if they want to be nearby.

  5. Umm… “The space, which moved from 900 Coney Island Avenue (between Ditmas Avenue and 18th Avenue) to take over the was former Irwin & Sons Dry Cleaners space”

  6. Does that mean they’re finally going to tear down that eyesore of an incomplete building on Coney Island Avenue now that its lone tenant has vacated?

  7. I agree that we can get infinitely better pizza here, and I doubt I will be buying from them unless it’s 1 in the morning, but I would also like to say that there is nothing worse for a neighborhood than shuttered businesses. It would be great if everything on Cortelyou could be independent and awesome, but there are a lot of storefronts to fill.

  8. You are both correct. A Domino’s employee told us today that the Coney Island Avenue location will be shuttering, with all operations moving to the Cortelyou location, in one to two weeks.

  9. At least they’re not putting in an Urban outfitters. That’ll be the beginning of the end.

  10. I agree, but you must not have seen all the ludicrous anti-San Remo comments here every time someone says pizza.

  11. Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that, at least looking in, it looks like the staff is behind some kind of Fort Knox-style bullet-proof glass? Was this really necessary on Cortelyou Road??

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