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Councilman Recchia To Run For Borough President, Sources Say

Councilman Recchia, left, and Senator Adams, right.

Coney Island City Councilman Domenic Recchia is reportedly eyeing the Brooklyn Borough President’s office, potentially pitting Northern and Central Brooklyn versus Southern Brooklyn for the largely powerless position.

Sources told the Daily News that Recchia plans to announce his candidacy in January, confirming speculation that the term-limited pol was considering the seat after putting the kibosh on a rumored comptroller run.

Recchia has served in the City Council since 2002 and, in 2010, he became chair of the Council Finance Committee, one of the most powerful positions in the legislative body, responsible for directing taxpayer funds to nonprofits and community groups.

Recchia will be term-limited out at the end of 2013, as will the sitting beep, Marty Markowitz. Recchia was widely believed to be mulling a run for city comptroller, but squashed that rumor earlier this month when Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer announced his candidacy for the seat and obtained Recchia’s endorsement.

Currently, the only other major contender for the beep’s seat is State Senator Eric Adams, who represents Crown Heights, Bushwick, Brownsville and East New York. That would pit the popular pol representing the traditionally black northern and central Brooklyn neighborhoods against the Southern Brooklyn pol, who represents the largely white Bensonhurst, Gravesend, Coney Isalnd and Brighton Beach communities.

According to pundits cited in the Daily News, that would leave the election up to the “Brownstone Belt.”

“One thing is sure, the Brownstone Belt and areas with new populations will have a lot to say about the outcome of any Borough President or citywide race,” said political consultant Hank Sheinkopf, who briefly represented Recchia.

The Brownstone Belt encompasses mainly white liberal voters living in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Brooklyn Heights.

“It’s a race for that third constituency,” said a political consultant familiar with the election.

Adams is likely to tie up large chunks of the minority vote, with whom he’s gained popularity for his vocal stance against racial profiling, stop and frisks, police brutality and gun violence – while his vote for gay marriage may put him at odds with conservative religious groups and minorities.

Recchia, meanwhile, may be able to count on the support of Jewish voters, seniors and powerful non-profit organizations all around Brooklyn, who he’s helped steer money towards as finance chair.

Of the two candidates, Recchia is also most likely to continue the Brooklyn boosterism of Markowitz, having been a key player in the Coney Island redevelopment plan, and former chair of the Small Business Services committee in the Council.

Recchia has the clear fundraising advantage, with $706,245 raised from 1,640 sources as of the latest records held by the Campaign Finance Board. However, he will be required to return tens of thousands of dollars to backers as they exceed the $3,850-per-contributor limit set for borough president – a legacy of Recchia’s fundraising for the citywide comptroller job, which has a $4,950-per-contributor cap.

Adams, meanwhile, has a $215,789 warchest from 1,168 sources.

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  1. Go Domenic!!! I will get involved with your campaign, You are someone with a STELLAR record of “SERVICE”to our community ,NO-ONE could be a better choice than you!!! Your record speaks volumes!!! GREAT NEWS !!!

  2. Recchia has a dismal record. He’s Quinn puppet. His record will be brought out in the primary race. I can’t wait. Let the games begin !

  3. Dominic has an A number one record when it comes to SANDY recovery… he was everywhere, giving his time and support and working tirelessly to help those in his district recover. I was not a fan before Sandy devastated our area but I saw how much he did and how hard he worked and I am a fan now. I am sure the race for Boro Pres will be an ugly one and I don’t know the gentleman who may well oppose Domenic for the seat but if he runs I will certainly support Domenic in that race.

  4. It’s very nice to show up for photo opportunities & give out water , But there is still no power ,, no heat for many residents in high rise & private homes in all areas of Coney Island.

    PS 188 has no lunch room for the kids , there infrastructure is ruined, etc.

    Recchia supports putting more lights on the Parachute Jump , OVER $ 2 MILLION DOLLARS worth & that’s without the already $ 4 million dollars that was already put into that boondoggle of a project.

    This should not be his priority. He’s a PHONEY !

    Let’s face it : Recchia summers with his family in Southampton on Peconic Bay in his waterfront estate. NOT Coney Island.

    And there’s more to come…

  5. Rumor is Chaim Deutsch from Councilman Nelson’s office is mulling a run for Borough President. He is the right man for the job because he knows politics from the outside and truly does the right thing because its right. He was here for us before, during and after hurricane sandy and we will never forget that. Enough with these politicians who make believe they care about us, we need someone we can rely on to help us anytime. Go Chaim!!!

  6. Wow Chaim Deutsch would be an amazing choice – He’s always there for the community whenever we need him no matter what the problem is – he has my support whatever seat he may run for. I would be most happy if he was my councilman

  7. Chaim running for BP is awesome!!! I am a victim of Hurricane Sandy and Chaim helped me and my neighbors with everything. We need more people in politics like Chaim D!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!

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