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DOH Ruins All Our Fun And Bans Dogs At The Gate

No Dogs Allowed At The Gate
The dog days of summer are indeed behind us, as we share some very disappointing news: The Gate, one of our go-to spots for grabbing a drink and petting some dogs, can no longer allow patrons to come in with Fido.

A sign posted to the door spells it out in terms that show the bar, located on the corner of 5th Avenue and 3rd Street, finds this just as silly as we do:

§81.25 No live animal shall be kept, housed or permitted to enter into or remain in any food service establishment or non-retail food processing establishment.



The Gate

While we completely understand and appreciate that the DOH is trying to keep things sanitary for us, it’s always been a bit hard for us to swallow that “beer, wine and spirits have always been classified as food,” as a DOH spokesperson told the Times in 2011, as more and more bars  in the city started to be closed off to pups. Even harder to understand is how outdoor areas — like The Gate’s patio — are included in the ban.

While we sat in the bar on Friday evening, we saw several neighbors stop at the door, dogs in tow, reading the sign and turning sadly to go. Local dog owner Amy Kurtich reached out to us this morning, hoping that “spreading the word about how ridiculous the DOH is being may lead to a change in their enforcement of this law.”

Shayne bellies up to the bar at The Gate, by by Catherine Crocker
Shayne bellies up to the bar at The Gate. Photo by by Catherine Crocker.

“One of my favorite parts about going to The Gate was that I could enjoy a quiet night out without the lingering guilt of knowing my dog was waiting for me at home,” she says. “I think that dog-friendly bars like The Gate and Mission Dolores are essential parts of the neighborhood, and it’s disappointing that they are losing part of their character because of the DOH’s overreach in enforcing the Health Law.”

We’re a little nervous about even mentioning that other dog-friendly bar, in case the DOH decides to hit up Mission Dolores as well, but it’s not exactly a secret that the 4th Avenue bar is another great spot to hang with Spot…for now.

So what do you think? Should dogs be allowed in bars that don’t serve food, or is the DOH right to ban them?

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  1. This happened because some horrible grinch of a neighbor decided to call the DOH and complain. As if the dogs were some sort of nuisance rather than a great warm and welcome addition to the bar. Clearly only the opinion of one person who wants to ruin everyone elses fun. Whoever this person is, I hope the rest of us find out who you are so we can leaving flaming piles of dog crap on your front patio.

    <3 your dog-loving neighbors

  2. My understanding from dog-friendly bars is that they just factor the cost of tickets (about $500 per occurrence) into their operating budget and just “eat” the cost in exchange for the amount of business dogs (and their humans) bring them. My guess is that this was no longer a profitable proposition for The Gate (it’s been pretty absent of dogs or their owners on my recent trips there)… unless the DOH was ticketing them more frequently (as a result of neighbor complaints, as someone mentioned)?

  3. I live close-by and pass the Gate everyday and there are still a good amount of dogs and owners there. However, one of the staffers did confirm that someone called and complained, hence the new policy.

  4. First world problems. If you feel guilty leaving your dog in a stuffy cramped apartment then stop being a selfish human and move somewhere outside the city so the dog can roam on their on volition not yours!

  5. It’s really stupid… for me it’s right up there with ticketing bicycles the same as cars on the list of most aggravating policies.

  6. Yep I frequent The Gate also and live not far away. Word is that someone on the block who has for the last few years held a grudge against The Gate for something that happened to them there of their own doing I will add, called the DOH to complain.

    It is not as if anyone was hurt by any dog or any dog was noisy or causing trouble. I used to go in there with my dog all the time and there would be 3 or 4 other dogs there at the same time and there was never an issue. A friend of mine who is highly allergic to most dogs and other animals goes there all the time and never has any allergy issues. Most people around here have a good idea of who the person was who made the call and I am sure karma will get them.

    And, to add insult to injury, the owner of The Gate is a guy who lives in the neighborhood, raises his kids here and always gives to various community organizations, this is just not right. It’s a bar, there is no absolutely no reason for this ban.

  7. great idea. would love to hear more about how to participate in that change. can we request a follow up segment in park slope stoop or south slope news? thank you!

  8. So then, people who live outside the city don’t go out? Or do they let their dogs roam around outside without supervision? Which one is it, according to your reasoning?

  9. Maybe a dog would make you a person other folks might want to actually be around. You should look into it.

  10. I don’t mind the dogs in the bar, its you over-sensitive whiny men and hairy arm pitted / bearded women that should be deemed a health hazard in places people eat. If you love your pets so much get them out of the city you nitwits. Dogs are animals that belong in adequate space with ample room to run/play/exercise along with shelter. Your 500 sq. ft rat hole apartments with composts under the sink should be investigated by the health dept and pets removed from those conditions. Jackasses… grow up and move someplace conducive to raising your family or housing your pets and stop trying to terraform a dilapidated borough into a hippy utopia.

  11. This comment would almost make sense if The Gate hadn’t been around for 25 years and has always been a place where people could bring dogs.

    Nice try, newbie.

  12. Please read my post again and try and improve your reading comprehension. I have no issue at all with the pooch’s hanging out there. My comment was specifically at the granola head who seems to think that dogs needs 24/7 care and couldn’t fathom “let their dogs roam around outside without supervision” . Dogs are social animals that require substantial exercise beyond the bullshit this fucktard thinks is an adequate trip to the co-op for vegan meat substitute . If these “pet owners” that live in the slope look into how much exercise their specific breed need I am certain their malnourished vegetarian asses wouldn’t survive the walk. Let alone that there is NO fuckin way a single yard in the slope is adequate for a human to exercise let alone an active dog. Shall we continue about the sq ft living space on avg in the slope being less then that in 3rd world countries?

  13. How to Do it: Wait for the next local election. Convince a candidate that this platform will garner them many, many, many votes. Candidate will make promises….. 50% chance he/she will carry it out. Wash ….. Rinse … Repeat every election until it happens or dogs can vote.

  14. Here is how to bring your dog into the bar. Go to your primary care physician or psychologist and request information and forms to get your dog designated a service animal for anxiety/stress. It will carry the same worker status as a service animal for the blind or handicapped and is permitted entry anywhere. That my pals is the loophole. Service animals are allowed everywhere , yet they are still dogs….. Your welcome.

  15. I voted for peope who promise bland government standardization at the expense of private liberty, and then they started imposing bland government standardization at the expense of private liberty…CRAZY!

  16. I don’t typically see hippies at the Gate. But I do see awesome people enjoying life. Some of them have dogs. And dogs sniff butts to say hello…I hardly think the smellscape of Brooklyn leaves them forlorn!

  17. Maybe this is payback for people who want to bring their dogs into bars but think babies are beasts? Judge not, lest ye be judged . . . .

  18. No strollers allowed, but, kids are allowed in. There just isn’t room to store the strollers. But, The gate happily allows kids inside the bar and on the patio, they just can’t be in a stroller

  19. Well Noob, the problem with calling other people stupid is you get a little egg on your face when you can’t seeming understand the difference between the plural and the possessive. Everyone makes mistakes, to it’s probably better to avoid being such a weenis.

    Also, there is this thing called Prospect Park, which happens to be conveniently located in Park Slope. Perhaps you heard of it. Here’s a Pro Tip: Dogs enjoy it there.

    Also, I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED! to find there are people out there who lead lifestyles outside of your sad, pathetic suburban norm.

    Don’t worry, Noob- I’m sure you’ll suddenly get that cred you’ve longed for all these because you bought a $1.2M one bedroom condo on Gowanus. I mean, that nice green color on the canal just adds to the value, doesn’t it?

  20. Could you point out where I called anyone stupid? Is it possible for you to try and focus really really hard on what I have actually said? I guess not… My points were clear ex/ “I don’t mind the dogs in the bar” to which you replied “… if The Gate hadn’t been around for 25 years and has always been a place where people could bring dogs” . You lack the intellectual horsepower to actually stay on topic and address the point(s) I made let alone the inferred meanings. You enjoy your slope aka ParkSloppy micro-borough of rat infested, dilapidated existence of paying through the ears for run down substandard flats. Park-Slope is for two types of people, the wealthy and the stupid; you are clearly not wealthy 😉

  21. “Word is that someone on the block who has for the last few years held a grudge against The Gate for something that happened to them there of their own doing.”

    Please please please post their name/address……..

  22. Dogs don’t get drunk, start fights and barf all over the place. I used to live in Austin and wouldn’t dream of going to a bar without my dog. I just couldn’t leave him home alone and he was always welcome.

  23. So sorry to hear about this ban and I do hope the Gate and the neighborhood dog accompanied imbibers can get it retracted/rescinded. This happened in my own neighborhood (far away in Cali) to a coffee shop which happily allowed dogs until someone complained for no good reason. Good luck Gate and everyone involved.

  24. Since there is no actual proof as to who made the call, though, it is widely believed by people at The Gate and regulars there that it is someone who was thrown out of the bar a few years ago and has long harbored ill feelings to them (even going as far as talking badly about it to neighbors on 3rd Street, etc.), no names will be given out. But, plenty of us have a very strong feeling as to who it is, and karma will get them for sure.

    Also, this story has gotten a lot of press. There was an article in the Daily News recently and both Channel 11 and Channel 5 just this week did stories on it. if you are walking by, please talk to any camera crews out there and sign the petition. Thank you

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