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Ditmas Park Rental Roundup: Three’s Company


apartment via halstead properties
Looking for a three bed apartment to rent in or around Ditmas Park? We’ve rounded up a few spaces available in the neighborhood to help you and your fellow musketeers on your hunt. If you live in one of the apartment buildings, let prospective neighbors know how you like it.

Blinding Ocean Avenue Beauty
Available: July 1
Price: $2,100, plus broker fee
Details: We can probably all agree from the photos that this top floor stunner gets no shortage of sunlight. It’s got lovely floors, lots of windows, and what looks like a nice open kitchen if that’s what you’ve been seeking. You’ll have a choice of the Beverley or Church subway stops, you’ll be near shopping and food on Flatbush and Cortelyou, and pets are allowed.
Contact: Listed by Citi Habitats’ Guichard Cadet, 917-742-5494

A House Off the Beaten Path
Available: Immediately
Price: $2,100, plus broker fee
Details: This unit could be best suited for folks who don’t want to be right in the thick of it. While it’s not particularly close to either the F or Q trains, it is right between them for when one is acting up or you need to access a different route than usual. It gets sun from the east and west for enjoyable sunrises and ‘sets, and has a sizable kitchen for house meals–because you don’t want to go out every night, anyway.
Contact: Listed by Corcoran’s Toni Martin, 718-210-4009

Cortelyou Area Duplex with Perks
Available: Immediately
Price: $2,200, plus broker fee
Details: This place takes up two floors, and would allow each roommate to claim his or her own (at least partial) bathroom–with one full bathroom being an en suite. Electricity is included in the utilities, too, so while we don’t encourage wastefulness, you can take relief in no longer having to choose between three straight months of being too hot to sleep or a massive Con Ed bill. Unfortunately, pets aren’t allowed–no turning Rex out in that backyard you’ll get access to with this one.
Contact: Listed by Abacus Properties’ Oleg Polonsky, 646-256-0899

Two Baths, Close to Gowanus Grocery Shopping?
Available: July 15 or August 1
Price: $3,900, plus broker fee
Details: This ad is a work of art. “Be the envy of all your friends,” it coos. “Be the smart one.” It’s true that a parking garage, terrace, and second bathroom are nothing to scoff at, and the Dorchester/E 19th area apartment has a dishwasher and in building laundry, too. But perhaps the real pièce de résistance, if you’re not sold yet? The doorman places packages right in your hands. We believe three beds cost more in Park Slope, but what do you make of the price… here?
Contact: Listed by Halstead Properties’ Mary Goodson, 718-613-2048

Photo via Halstead Properties 

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  1. Hmm, still not affordable options for a family of 4 with one parent working. Guess it’s time to go to an even worse neighborhood. As if, the regular shootings around my block weren’t enough. We are now being priced out of living in a drug war zone. And YES, what you call “Ditmas Park”, is actually called FLATBUSH! and, if you ask any police officer, they will confirm the fact that it is a drug war zone. Especially now with all the hipsters buying weed off the long time locals who are claiming their territory. $2,100 for a 3 bedroom? Nah, you can have it. I’m OUT! 🙂

  2. If you emailed me anything, I am not aware of it. Don’t get me wrong, splitting one of these at $2,100, for NYC, is a good deal. However, I moved to Flatbush 4 years ago when a 3 bedroom only cost $1,500. I was single so we split it 3 ways, a good deal. My current 2 bedroom started at $1350 and is now $1500. But if I dare move, the next tennants rent is slated to be $2300 according to my lease where they say they are giving me a “preferred renter credit” for having already been living here for so long. It’s kind of sickening to think that the people who move into this apartment next will be paying $800 or more for the exact same space. It’s highway robbery. It’s pure profit for some rich dickhead that doesn’t give a shit about families.

    One day, when NYC is all ONLY rich people and single young people, it’s going to be a sad sad place. I’m a native New Yorker getting kicked out of my own town and thats not right. These rent prices do not have to be this high. We all know this and we will all do nothing about it. It used to be that a husband’s salary of $35,000 was decent enough to raise a family. No, not here, not unless you live in an even more crime ridden neighborhood with bugs and rodents. And don’t tell me to get a job because that job will just pay for the daycare, so whats the point? To miss out on my child’s upbringing just to NOT even bring home any extra money? I’m not trying to be a jerk. I just want to live like a normal person, with a normal family, but not on top of each other like we are now.

    And Nora, I’m not mad at you. You chose some really nice apartments and you’re good at what you do. But for us normal, middle class families… we don’t matter anymore, not at all.

  3. I hear you, and I appreciate your response. I had preferential rent at my last place, too–not fun to learn after I started making a stink about how bad the building was. I can also identify with not wanting to live in a certain place or not quite being able to afford it, but not wanting to allow that 20% bump for the next tenant either.

    If you feel like it, shoot me an email ( and I’ll resend that information I sent before, plus some information about a few resources you might try checking out if you haven’t already.

  4. $35,000 for a family of 4 is not what I consider “middle class”. Especially in NYC. I used to make $80k (note: used to), I was single and I did not live in Manhattan – and that felt somewhat middle class but barely. I make significantly less now and feel very poor…. Don’t know how you manage to raise a family on that kind of income.

  5. It’s… ya know, where ‘Anonymous’ lives… It’s the portion of Ditmas Park that’s not actually referred to as Ditmas Park as they mention. They live in Flatbush. Probably somewhere on the other side of Flatbush Avenue or maybe on E.19 & Church? Not really too sure, they seem like they may be a little socially challenged or really worked up by the rental prices in the area, being some of the lowest I’ve seen in a long time and well below most desirable areas in Brooklyn.

  6. To get a “middle class child care loan” in NYC you have to make over $80,000. $35,000 isn’t even close to middle class in this city, and most other places in the country. I’ve lived on that in the midwest, for example, where it still didn’t qualify. Working class – okay, maybe. Here, you qualify for all sorts of government aid if you are a family of four with kids and only $35,000 in income.

  7. Cross Ocean Avenue heading toward Flatbush and go north toward Prospect Park. The police have it defined as a hot zone. I lived there. My building was technically across the street from DP proper, but Anonymous is right – it was all Flatbush until the real estate agents got clever about drawing class lines.

    Times being what they are, I’m seriously considering whether it’s safe to move back for a 3BR at that price. Only problem is, I can’t afford private school for my kids.

  8. I’m sorry to hear that Anonymous. I would kill for a 2BR at the price you’re paying, but you’re right – you can’t get that if you need to move now. And when you family size unexpectedly triples, sometimes you have to move. And it hurts to be priced out of your home city – the whole city!

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