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Ditmas Park Rental Roundup


rental roundup

Searching for a place to rent in or around Ditmas Park? We’ve rounded up some spots in the neighborhood to help you with your hunt. If you live in one of the apartment buildings, help a hunter out and leave a comment to let your prospective neighbors know how you like it.

Pre-War One Bedroom on Beverley
Available: Immediately
Price: $1,950
Details: This apartment at 1803 Beverley Road looks like it gets a ton of light, and we’re loving the hardwood floors. The stainless steel kitchen is nice – but it definitely looks tight and doesn’t seem to have too much to space to chop all those veggies that you can buy from the three farmers’ markets near you (Cortelyou, Flatbush, and outside the Q at Parkside). There’s an elevator in the building – which is good, considering you’d be on the fifth floor. You’re within walking distance of the shops and restaurants on Cortelyou Road, Church Avenue, and Flatbush Avenue, and the Q train is a hop, skip, and a jump away. And, if you have a pet, they’re welcome.
Contact: Listed by Level Group’s Sheldon Hosten, 646-286-2525.

Two Bedroom in a Victorian
Available: Now
Price: $2,800
Details: This apartment has two bedrooms, one bathroom, heat and electronic included – and, if have a well behaved dog or cat? They might be allowed to come with you – but apparently no guarantees (and you’ll have to shell out more cash for an additional deposit). At approximately 1,100 square feet, this place has room to stretch. There are high ceilings, big windows, an eat-in kitchen, a dining room and “plenty of closet space,” though we’re not sure what that entails. In the kitchen, there’s a dishwasher and microwave, and the apartment comes with a brand new front porch with exclusive use and a shared private backyard. There’s a coin-operated washer and dryer in the basement. It doesn’t give the exact address, which, sigh, but the listing does say you’d be just a few blocks from the Q and B trains at Newkirk Avenue.
Contact: Listed by Hearth Realty’s Karen Sayles, 347-322-9622.

Modern Three (and a half) Bedroom
Available: Immediately
Price: $3,200
Details: This place looks huge – and if you’ve ever wanted an insanely long hallway, this looks like your dream. There’s a modern kitchen with granite countertops, a dishwasher, two separate entrances, and hardwood floors. And, there’s two bathrooms! It doesn’t give an exact address, but the listing does say you’re closest (0.3 miles) to the Beverley subway station.  You’d be about 0.4 miles from both the subways at Cortelyou and Church – which means you’re also within walking distances of all the shops and restaurants on both of  those streets.
Contact: Listed by U2Apartment’s Colby Fleury, 917-977-1533

Four Bedroom Near the Parade Grounds
 The photos are not the greatest on this listing, but the chance to split the $2,995 rent four ways definitely makes life more affordable. The apartment is located on Caton Avenue near East 17 Street – right by Prospect Park, which, we probably don’t need to point out is a huge plus. You’re a stone’s throw from the shops and restaurants on Church Avenue and about a 15 minute walk to Cortelyou Road. The Caton Avenue exit of the Church Avenue Q/B station is one block away. The area has had its issues with crime, but, as someone who lives near there, I  can tell you I love it. A heads up  – it can be a lively area, so if you’re looking for a ton of peace and quiet, this probably isn’t your best bet.
Contact: Listed by Level Group’s Avraham Berkovits, 718-312-9142.

Photo via Level Group.

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  1. I would like a $500 dishwasher in my apartment, but I don’t want to have to pay an extra $8,000 – $10,000 a year for this “luxury.” Hmm…. Perhaps I have to move to *any* other city? <>

  2. I don’t live in these buildings but I did use Avraham Berkovits from Level Group as my broker. He knows the area well and is easy to work with.

  3. I really don’t see too much of a demographic change.. are they hiding? the prices are too high for being so deep into BK it sucks.

  4. Av is a total slimeball. Rented a place to my then gf with promises of laundry in a building that didn’t have a working facility. He actually took her to the laundry room in the basement and showed her the facilities that had been out of order for over 2 years according to the other tenants. He delayed having requested items fixed before moving in and then tried to scam her out of a weeks worth of prorated rent for the delay he and the management company caused! Super shady dude. On top of this, was very forceful in having the lease signed. As a single woman going through the process she felt very intimidated and uncomfortable dealing with him. DO NOT USE THIS GUY!!!! TOTAL SCHEISTER!!!

  5. While this may or may not be true, I don’t personally know, I think it would be a god idea for this blog not to post an anonymous allegation like this just in case the person who posted it is a business rival or whatever.

  6. I’ve known quite a few honest to God hipsters personally, and not one of them had a trust fund. I’m sure some exist, but it’s not a defining feature of the style, either in terms of lifestyle or fashion. The people I’ve known who actually have trust funds aren’t remotely hipsterish.

    Now, there is definitely a privileged aspect to the hipster life and they only infrequently come from the poor or working class. But my sense from this blog is that most of the hipster-haters come from the same class as the hipsters, but for some reason assume hipsters are from a class above them.

  7. These words get tossed around so casually, but they have no substance as they relate to the conversation about rent, gentrification, and a changing neighborhood. I don’t think a specific definition is so much to ask.

  8. Seriously, what the f*ck is an “honest to God hipster”? What does that mean? Tattoos? Clothing style? Musical taste?

  9. What does “clothing style” mean? Does it include any kind of adornment worn on the body? What about umbrellas? Are they included? Please draw a precise boundary between the things included in “clothing style” and things not so included? So too with “musical taste”. What counts as “music” for these purposes? Please clarify.

  10. If you didn’t know what a hipster is, you wouldn’t be interested enough to ask for a definition. The point of asking for a definition is to demand a high degree of precision in defining a colloquial term, so that you can then get all pedantic on someone’s ass. The most tired “debate strategy” (if you can call it that) in the book.

  11. Why do they have no substance? Do you believe there are no hipsters, or just that they are sufficiently small in numbers to be a negligible demographic? I hope your complaint is not just that it’s vague whom the term “hipster” applies to, as that’s true of most of the labels we use.

  12. Well, for starters, they were people who self-identified as hipsters, rather than people I was making gross assumptions about based on seeing them from across the street.

  13. This makes absolutely no sense. If someone doesn’t know what something means why wouldn’t they ask for a definition? Further to your point, and others similar points made here, people toss around terms all the time that require “a high degree of precision” for the purposes of using them in a complex argument. The right uses the term “socialist” all the time to criticize all sorts of things without every explaining what they mean. Every time there’s a posting for a rental unit on this blog that someone thinks is too expensive, the term “hipster” is used. I just want to know what this means. I think if you’re going to single out a group of people as having made a negative impact on the economic stability of an entire neighborhood (raising rents, encouraging more expensive businesses to move in) it’s important to be specific. On the one hand I get that it’s a colloquial catch-all for, I guess, millennials with tattoos (I don’t know); on the other, the term is obviously nebulous or you and others would have made some effort to define it.

  14. Read Robert Lanham’s “The Hipster Handbook”, will answer all your questions, and you’ll be laughing the whole way through.

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