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Ditmas Park Rental Roundup


apartment by oxford property group
Looking for an apartment to rent in or around Ditmas Park? We’ve rounded up a few spaces available in the neighborhood to help you on your hunt. If you live in one of the apartment buildings, let prospective neighbors know how you like it.

Pretty Studio by the Park
Available: Immediately
Price: $1,250, plus broker fee
Details: Here’s a petite space for a petite price, with nice herringbone parquet floors and a decent amount of closet space. The kitchen leaves a little to be desired, but if you’ve only got one person’s worth of food, that baby fridge might still do the trick. Set up a kitchen table for more counter space, bring your small dog, and enjoy express train rides and summer days in Prospect Park.
Contact: Listed by Oxford Property Group’s Chauncey Palmer, 347-409-7970

Newkirk Area One Bed with Extras
Available: Immediately
Price: $1,350, plus broker fee
Details: This apartment may not be as darling as the last one, but it does offer a bit more privacy when guests stop by, plus the building has laundry and a garage. This one won’t welcome your dog, but it sounds like cats are okay, and you’ll be just a short walk from transportation and amenities at the Plaza as well as Newkirk and Foster Avenues.
Contact: Listed by Citi Habitats’ Anastasiia Grusha, 917-488-4446

No Fee Two Bed with Location Points
Available: Immediately
Price: $1,850, no broker fee
Details: This place looks fresh and clean, and is only made more attractive by the absence of a broker fee. It will put you close to both Cortelyou and Flatbush, so you’ll have plenty of food and shopping options right nearby. Pets are allowed, and this one’s got in building laundry too.
Contact: Listed by Apts and Lofts’ Joseph Adago, 917-568-2758

Three Beds (or a House) Near the Parade Ground
Available: Showings start after this week
Price: $2,500, plus broker fee
Details: Looking for some character? This KWT border unit is overflowing with it. From bay windows to classic inlaid floors to colorful carpeting and faux wood paneling, you and your roommates can really bring the decade-ranging funk while enjoying your proximity to both Prospect Park and Fort Hamilton Parkway. Cats are allowed, and there’s an even more extravagant apartment upstairs if you care to invite some human friends.
Contact: Listed by Douglas Elliman’s Marie Alyce-Devieux, 917-923-4170

Photo via Oxford Property Group

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  1. The no fee two bedroom is overpriced – that location is high crime and high noise. It’s disgusting what landlords get away with charging.

  2. Sorry, but $1850 for a 2 BDR is not bad (in the context of NYC real estate), and it hasn’t been for several years now. It’s shocking that that price is a “deal,” but that’s the case with anything under $2000 these days.

  3. Right – it’s overpriced and disgusting. It doesn’t have to be shocking or uncommon for that to be true.

  4. Okay, but you could say the same thing for nearly any listing here or anywhere in NYC for that matter. You’ve pointed out that an apartment is overpriced. Water is wet. Nice work.

  5. I also pointed out two specific problems with that location, something prospective renters would want to know, and which rental agent never, ever disclose. What have you done to help?

  6. Help what? Help prospective renters? I’ve “helped” by noting that your hysterics should be taken with a grain of salt and that while $1,850 seems rather high, relative to other NYC rents for similar sized apartments (and even in similar areas) it’s now reasonable. Perhaps the undesirable aspects of the neighborhood that you pointed out are, in fact, what makes it reasonable. I’m sorry that this frustrates you, but that is a relatively low price for a 2-BDR. The reality of that might be “disgusting,” but pointing out individual examples seems silly to me.

  7. If you think the truth is “hysterics” you’re due for a long, quiet vacation. Maybe don’t come back if you think it’s okay to charge people $1,850 a month to live in an area that they might get shot on any given day. It’s overpriced and disgusting, end of story. I don’t know why you’re making a big deal out of it. Oh, let me guess – you’re a landlord? Or a sleazy rental agent? Yeah, that figures.

  8. I am confused as to how that modern and nicely renovated kitchen and bathroom are ‘disgusting’…
    Where as the fake 3 bedroom apartments (I see an extra room that isn’t really a bedroom) with horrible carpeting, wood paneling, ‘stone wall’ in the kitchen, linoleum in the bedroom …

  9. “Might get shot on any given day” is a pretty over-the-top statement. But, still, this brings up an interesting point about rent. You’re right that we should all be paying less, but should we pay more to feel safe?

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