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  1. “I see that partnership in the more middle class, affluent, and — let’s say, the white part of the district, that doesn’t yet exist to the same extend in the black part of the district.”

    Cool! I applaud the evenhandedness. That said, Mr. Pierre: I am grateful for the formidable police presence on a block near where I (a white person) live because two black people from “the black part of the district” were fairly recently gunned down by two other black people in two separate incidents only a few hundred feet away! Imagine that! We really are one big rainbow, aren’t we, Mr. Pierre. Mr. Pierre? Care to respond?

  2. DPC runs a profile of just one of the two candidates and publishes it on the day before the primary? I could care less about the district leader position or either of the candidates for the office but this is highly questionable journalism.

  3. My grandmother came to Zbrooklyn from a small southern-Mediterranean village in the 1910s and learned to read and write English. There should be no language barrier.

  4. Congratulations, Josue! It’s good to see a young man becoming involved, and representing his community with more than just words. Wishing you the best of luck!

  5. Congratulations Josue!! I have no doubt that you will be the progressive champion that the 42nd Assembly District needs.

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