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Di Fara’s Pizza Dragged Into Mayoral Race, Called Food For The One Percent


The beloved dough-tossers at Midwood’s Di Fara Pizza were forced to defend themselves against allegations that they existed only to feed New York City’s elite, after mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio declared it his favorite pizza.

The issue surfaced after the Daily News, in yet another hard-hitting policy report (akin to the “So… would ya’ kill a kittie?” fiasco), asked Democratic contender Bill de Blasio and Republican Joe Lhota which pizzeria produced their favorite slice.

De Blasio, erring on the side of, well, every freakin’ top-10 list in the city, said his heart and stomach are with Di Fara’s (1424 Avenue J).

“To all the Manhattan foodies out there: it’s not even close. This is clearly the best,” he told the newspaper, fawning of Dom’s use of “buffalo milk mozzarella, which is beloved in my grandfather’s province in Italy.”

The Daily News, in the business of creating controversy where there is none, declared that the rundown, generation-spanning family business is just a front for upper-crust snobbery, citing their $5 slice and $28 pie, believed to be among the highest in the city. They claim it’s at odds with de Blasio’s self-anointed status as a champion of the downtrodden.

“Mr. Tale of Two Cities eats his pizza with the 1%,” the paper claims. “But the man who says he’ll make the city a better place for the downtrodden if elected mayor insists the Brooklyn slice joint is worth the price — and the famously long line that snakes out its door.”

New York Observer’s Politicker blog, of course, wouldn’t let sleeping dogs lie, and turned to the pizza king for a rebuttal.

“No, I feel like we have a very unique product,” an employee told The Observer. “Anyone who tries it is going to find it to be a quality product. We hear people all day saying it’s one of the best things they’ve ever eaten. No matter what percent you’re in, once you try it, you’ll love it.”

And, of course, the whole idea that any pizza not laden with diamonds and the squandered dreams of Detroit factory workers is for the one percent is ludicrous. Even at the high price tag – $28 – a family of four can eat a meal and not break the bank.

What the Daily News should really be focusing on is Lhota’s answer. Not only can he not name his favorite pizzeria, he claims that his favorite slice is – gasp! – buffalo chicken! From Queens!!!

Freakin’ savage.

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  1. Liberals also love Apple products. Even though Liberals claim to be against consumerism, big corporations and big profits, they love this company which is one of the biggest in the world, has been known to fire people for little reason and outsources manufacturing to Chinese factories with terrible human rights records. Same with this pizza. If it were an independently owned Papa Johns they would be picketing outside for higher employee wages and against corporate greed.

  2. i hear republicans are big fans of this too. I also hear Republicans are fans of sticking probes up women’s vaginas, to be paid by your tax money. You know what else Republicans like, Walmart, which uses (or at least used) child labor to make their products.
    This has nothing to do with liberals/republicans. WHY are you making a fire out of a spark?

  3. You had me at women’s vagina’s.The thing is that Liberals like to pretend to be holyer than though. But they of course are the worst hypocrites. The richer the liberal the bigger the hypocrite. Just look at Al Gore, if everyone used as much energy as he does the early would be out of oil and natural gas, yet he tells the rest of us to stop consuming. Liberal dumb-asses eat this stuff up

  4. Im not particularly privy to how much Al Gore uses his energy… but hypocrite or not, it still doesnt make the fact of climate change any less true. Climate is changing, its changing because of us, at this point its irreversible. The only thing that could be done is to try to not make it any worse.
    Besides, does it matter how much Gore uses up of the energy, if the big corporations, which put out a considerable amount of waste and pollution, dont do their part and refuse regulation?
    Whereas you can accuse of some liberals to be hypocrites, its a bigger crime against humanity, to do everything you can to fuck up the earth in order to get more zeros following a number in your bank account.

  5. You are right, climate change is important, corporate greed and fraud is important. But it is usually liberals who fundraiser and get elected on these ideas and then turn around and do the complete opposite in their personal lives and also often with their vote. Conservatives, at least real ones, run on the idea that people should not be lectured and should follow their own moral values, at the end this is what everyone does anyway. And the zeros at the end of bank accounts, liberals love those just as much as anyone else and will do anything and everything to get them.

  6. Sure everyone loves having a bigger account, but at what price? At least there is fundraising on the side of liberals, and a complete denial on the republican side. which one do you think is better in the long run?

  7. I think honestly and doing what you preach is the best side. I think all of us will do what is best for ourselves and contribute to causes we believe in without listening to government preachers tell us what is right, or wrong. When it comes to money, which is the main tool of using our power, the Republican idea is to let individuals spend it the way they see fit. The liberal idea is for the government to tell you how to spend your money, while liberal politicians do the opposite of what they advice everyone else.

  8. Better deal @ $28 per pie, but still waayyy expensive. Dom makes a great slice/pie, but it’s not the 1% buying it, it’s a bunch of suckas and Dom knows it. Two Slices for $10? Are you crazy?

  9. And where’s De Blasio’s (and, by projection, all liberal politicians’) fault here, again? Blame Daily News if you must, it was their idea.

  10. Yes, but this is Di Fara’s and not Papa John’s. So, no picketing. Other straw men: not all liberals are against consumerism and big profits, not even all big corporations (Google, Costco, etc.)

  11. Five dollars a slice and $28 for a regular pie is way out line compared to the pizzerias here in Sheepshead Bay. Everyone in the pizza business claims they use only the best ingredients.

    Those prices approach what’s charged in Manhattan in places like Lombardi’s in Little Italy. Lombardi’s is the first pizzeria in the country and is where Totonno worked prior to opening his pizzeria in Coney Island I believe around 1929. I’m pretty confident that the cost of doing business in Manhattan is much higher than it is on Ave. J!

  12. U use the term climate change because u can’t even tell if it’s warmer or cooler. Covering all bases, huh?

  13. Thats a nice thought – “Republican idea is to let individuals spend it the way they see fit. The liberal idea is for the government to tell you how to spend your money”.
    Yes, except that republicans are very keen on what women can and especially cannot do with our bodies. But when it comes to regulating the corporations, especially in their waste management ways, all of a sudden they become “small government”.
    If you work hard for your money, pay your taxes, want whats better for future generations/country, and you vote republican, im sorry to say, you are delusional.

  14. I liked DiFara’s pizza, but would i make the trip to get a slice? Especially when i have Delmar’s next door? No.
    i think to some degree this is a “snobbery” mentality based enjoyment – i.e. if you package identical wine into two bottles, one says $50 the other $6, many people, especially those of discerning taste, will swear to you that the $50 one is better.
    i don’t know if this is sheep mentality, but we general do have heightened enjoyment of things when we know they are hard to come by, or more expensive – see diamonds.

  15. You seem to be buying into the Republican line that the Democrats are a bunch of hypocritical liberals. Far from it, except by comparison with Republicans. People like DeBlasio sound like they are reformers while they favor many of the same business oriented policies of Republicans like Bloomberg. Te liberals would like to believe that DeBlasio is one of them but he runs with people whose interests are counter to that of the people who support him. The only real difference between Republicans and Democrats lie in their positions on social issues,

  16. I hate Apple, and would never buy anything they sell. I don’t buy the spin that Apple products are better than those of other companies. And I don’t care for their arrogance.

    I do suspect that I am not the only one. And this probably cuts across ideologies.

  17. Since you’re so concerned with labeling everyone a ‘liberal’ or a ‘republican’, I wonder what would you call someone whose pro-abortion, anti business regulation, and for small government like myself?

  18. Uhm…. Those that subscribe to those beliefs are called libertarians. Or Barry Goldwater republicans, or RINOs that today’s republicans like to call people of your ilk.

    But I think you may have had me confused with tuth, those were their words I quoted.

  19. Democrat or Conservative, he can choke on it for $5 a slice and $28 a pie. And to have to wait up to 2 hours to even get it? It is pizza, for Christ’s sake.

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