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Di Fara Officially Opens Second Location With Expanded Menu

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I have to admit, I am a little wary of writing this article. The daily lines to get a slice of Di Fara’s incredibly perfect pizza are already so long that I am loath to spread the word of the new spinoff spot located just a few doors down (1012 East 15th Street) that features an expanded menu. Still, if the food is just as good as Di Fara’s, no amount of ink spilled will stop foodies from flocking to Avenue J in Midwood.

According to a report by NY Eater, MD Kitchen is officially open for business, offering an expanded menu of delicious Italian foods that Di Fara used to feature before pizza became the only menu item.

Opened by the children of pizza master Dominic DeMarco, MD Kitchen will be serving up everything from pasta dishes, salads, heroes, sandwiches, wings, fries and hot dogs. The name MD Kitchen was humorously explained by Dominic’s daughter Maggie DeMarco on a Facebook entry.

“Mama DeMarco’s for our mom, Mikey DeMarco for our nephew, Maggie DeMarco for me? What it does not mean is medical doctor.”

Personally I don’t care what it stands for, I will be heading over ASAP to see how the new menu stacks up to the incredible pizza experience just a few doors down.

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  1. I used to live there and mis the calzones and lasagna on the menu when I visit. Looking forward to visiting the new place when I visit.

  2. I went over the weekend. No calzones or lasagna yet. Pretty much heroes, pasta and entrees like chicken parm. The sauce on my shrimp parm hero was outstanding.

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