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Despite Claim, No Evidence Of Campaign Volunteer Hit By Car


The nastiest claim of campaign malfeasance yesterday, that a Storobin supporter driving a van hit a volunteer for the Lew Fidler campaign, turned out to be bunk, according to police.

A report first issued by City Councilman David Greenfield, a staunch backer of Fidler, that a supporter of the Democratic candidate was struck by a van in front of Cunningham Junior High School is now being disputed by authorities. Greenfield claimed that after hitting the volunteer, the driver jumped out and grabbed the volunteer’s pro-Fidler literature and drove off.

According to the New York Times:

The cries of dirty politics wailed loudly even on Election Day. The police were called to investigate a 911 call of a woman believed to be a Fidler volunteer who said she had been struck by a vehicle outside a polling station at a school in Sheepshead Bay. The police, according to a spokeswoman, Deputy Inspector Kim Royster, said that the woman had not been hit, but that there was also a dispute nearby involving a campaign poster torn off a pole.

The initial report resulted in a sternly worded statement from the Fidler campaign, first published by City & State.

Councilman Fidler sends his best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery to our campaign volunteer who was reported to have been assaulted earlier today by a Storobin thug.

All day long, we’ve received reports that Mr. Storobin has been barging into polling sites disrupting operations and illegally campaigning within the no-campaign zone.  The Election Law provides a no-campaign perimeter around polling sites for a reason.  Perhaps Mr. Storobin was asleep when they taught that course in law school, but ignorance of the law is no defense.

For at least this final day of the campaign, it would be nice if Mr. Storobin could conduct himself honorably.  Not that we expect him to, but still, it would be nice.

The claims of illegal electioneering at poll sites has not been verified by authorities.

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  1. Some questions that need to be answered.1. Who made this call to 911 to report a crime that did not happen? 2. Was a police report taken and if so what crime was alleged?
    3. Was the Fidler literature taken from the volunteer or not?  If it was removed from the person’s physical being, as decribed, that is robbery in the third degree, a D felony.  I am SURE the precinct of occurrence will try to classify it as a larceny, but it ain’t 

  2. I was at P.S. 206 poll site when Fidler voted yesterday and saw Storobin arrive, do a little electioneering and shake hands will every poll worker.
    When the Republican left the building, he intimated it was an “accident” that he showed up when Fidler was there, but the Democrats campaign announced 12 hours earlier that a photo op would take place when Fidler cast his ballot. 
    Someone from the Board of Elections should investigate Storobin, even if that was his only poll site stop.

  3. Storobin did show up at a number of polling places, and I know several poll workers who would gladly testify as to what happened when visited there. He definitely was told to leave several sites.

  4. I’ll tell you, if you think your vote doesn’t count, check out this election. Some sources say Storobin is up only 20-30 votes, others 100+, in either case, everyone who voted, no matter for who, your vote sure did count!

  5. This was a classic, brooklyn, dirty, partisan election. It reminds me of many fights and eruptions over the years, with partisans ripping down signs and dumping campaign lit. It’s what makes Kings County politics so interesting.

  6.  Yeah, but Boss Tweed and Richard Croker are long gone. But I’m sure the ghost of John Y. McKane is smiling at the antics of his political descendants.

  7. What exactly does Storobin plan on bringing to the table? All I’ve heard is that the russians love him because he speaks russian. This for me personally means nothing. I am not russian. What does he plan to do for those of us who are just Brooklynites who have lived here all our lives? 

  8. Is it me or are there a lot of people who have this nativist attitude against Russians in Sheepshead Bay. It reminds me of Gangs of New York.

  9. As I pointed out yesterday, Storobin did show up at the poll site where I worked on Tuesday. If called to do so I will testify to that! This event was reported to the BOE by my poll site coordinator. 

  10. What nativist attitude? I was born here. Yes. I was asking a question based on things I have been told by people including russian friends.

  11. LisaAnn, I was thinking more about Boss Meade than Boss Tweed. Rough politics in Kings County is a long standing tradition. You are too young to remember back in 1977 when thugs aligned with candidate for Mayor Cuomo surrounded the clubhouse on Avenue P shouting “Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo”.  Have things changed not  much…?  Well, I guess.

  12. I’m old enough to have become disgusted with being on the inside of the political game by the time the 1977 election took place. Meade Esposito was an amateur compared  to the worthies I mentioned. Nevertheless, the way politics is played in this country by all players in it is enough to keep a lot of people away from getting involved with the process.

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