Ditmas Park

Design A Ditmas Park Crest For A New Contest


If you can do a great illustration of Victorians and fruit from the markets on Church, or London Planetrees and the BMT line, you might be just the person to design a crest that represents Ditmas Park for a contest from UncommonGoods. The online retailer, which is based in Sunset Park, just launched the Brooklyn Flag Project, where artists can submit designs for Brooklyn neighborhood crests that highlight the distinctive characteristics of the area.

They’re looking for an original design that has “some specific story-telling” and shows how your neighborhood is unique — highlights of architecture, landmarks, history, changes that have happened over time, the sky is basically the limit.

A panel of judges will pick their favorite designs in August, and then the public will be able to vote for their favorite online. The winner will receive $1,000 and an UncommonGoods vendor contract that will promise you royalties on the actual flags they will produce and sell. Runners up also get some cash, and consultation from guest judges.

Think you’ve got the best idea for Ditmas Park? Submit designs online through July 31!

Image via UncommonGoods

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  1. the way you constantly bring up “hipsters” out of nowhere really just seems like sour grapes at this point. is someone feeling left out?

  2. So hipster is any man with a beard and or eye glasses? Hey, at least you’re super inclusive in your generalizations!

  3. I have a beard and sometimes wear glasses. I’m 65. Does that mean I’m a hipster too? Cool.

  4. Not sure if it’s sadder that you automatically write off likely perfectly decent people based on their clothing choices, or that you brag about doing so in blog comments.

  5. This guy definitely has some weird crush on hipsters/desire to be one that he’s trying to resist. Whatever hipster means anymore.

    There’s no use fighting it. There are more people like you describe filling Brooklyn on the daily. You gonna stay mad or you gonna try and get along with the people around you?

  6. Dude take a good sip of PBR and relax… this is all in good fun. It’s zany and whimsical and ironic.

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