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Demolition At China Dragon As More Businesses Merge On Cortelyou Block


China Dragon on Cortelyou ClosedWe noticed walking by China Dragon Chinese Restaurant (1616 Cortelyou Road between E 16th and E 17th Streets) this morning that after several weeks of a rolled down gate, the storefront had been completely stripped of its former fixtures.

China Dragon on Cortelyou Closed, interior demolition
A sign on the door instructs customers to get takeout from Bo Bo Kitchen (1601 Cortelyou). Bo Bo Kitchen confirms that they’d be merging with China Dragon, making them the second set of businesses to consolidate with competitors in a month–a few doors down, Tasty Deli Grocery (1604 Cortelyou) has emptied their space in order to merge with the newly-revamped Cortelyou Smoke Shop (1622 Cortelyou).

tasty deli grocery closed 1604 cortelyou road
And these aren’t the only recent changes to the block’s makeup–in March, L&C Natura Nail (1619 Cortelyou) debuted a new look, and it seems like Cafe Madeline (1603 Cortelyou) is constantly changing things up, too. As for the former Tasty Deli Grocery and China Dragon spaces, no new construction permits have yet been filed.

Are you excited about the changes on the block, or do you miss the way it used to be?

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  1. I’m more upset at the loss of Market entirely as it’s switched from having awesome homemade breads, lebna cheese, etc to just having beer that I can get at C-Town cheaper…

  2. They still sell cornichons, which is a HUGE plus, but the loss of Balthazar baguettes is an even HUGER kick in the nuts/cooch.

    9 Chains is awesome, but pretty far away. Could they potentially sell some of their bread at Market? Or The Farm or something? We’re in a bread DESERT and it’s killing me!

  3. Cafe Madeline is now selling Jeni’s ice cream, FYI. I haven’t tried it yet but am tempted to tonight.

  4. Doesn’t have to be upscale, just decent. I get my General Tso’s on Seamless from a place in Park Slope. Is there a decent Chinese takeout place I’m missing here?

  5. If the two of them can be better than either one, then it is a great move. We really do need a high quality Chinese restaurant with take-out and delivery options.

  6. I’m very curious about the future of the two empty spaces on either side of Met Foods. The ultimate merger may mean a bigger Met!

  7. We like Yen Yen – order from them all the time. But it would be nice if they had some real competition from another place more like Yen Yen and less like Bo Bo or that other place on Cortelyou.

  8. I’ve been telling the founders of Van Leeuwen ice cream (with whom I’m writing a book) that they should totally open an ice cream shop in our neighborhood – but apparently the rent is getting to be high. I love the idea of Jeni’s ice cream, but it’s way too sweet for me and VL ice cream is 1/2 the sugar Jeni’s uses. Agreed on bread. I liked Nine Chains, but I keep going to Smith Street’s Bien Cuit for their miche will lasts is all week and doesn’t get moldy due to high acidity – best bread in town. I miss the Market offerings — it was great to have some good cheese and nibbles near by. We could most definitely use a small shop that sells tasty provisions.

  9. I’m more so curios on why we have so many empty or seemingly inactive commercial spaces. Cortelyou. If I recall, I think this is at least the fifth open spot on our small commercial strip. Are the landlords cutting int to far into the business margins?

    I would love a good quality Chinese place to open on Cortelyou and I the neighborhood would easily support it. I would personally want something more along the lines of an 8th Ave spot than any of the Park Slope Chinese restaurants. A Vietnames spot with good Pho would also be a killer idea.

  10. Wow. Sounds like your limited bread selection has made your life a living hell. You should keep a diary or something. Record your struggle for posterity.

  11. Well, maybe the market will speak loud and clear to Market, and they’ll go back to their old selection, but I suspect it was a business decision based on what the market was telling them.

  12. yes. Van Leeuwen ice-cream is super yummy, and served up at Coffee Mob on the corner of E16 and Newkirk ave. making Affogato and milkshakes too 🙂

  13. Demolition is one of the most beautiful functions of construction. Old things being cleared away to make room for the new. I personally love this kind of development.

  14. Or landlords are cutting too far into renters’ income, disabling them from purchasing as many goods and services. If you want better restaurants and retail options in the ‘hood, the first thing you need to do is increase residents’ income.

  15. Demolition of familiar businesses can be depressing. It’s usually a precursor to the installation of some new replacement, and that can console you. It’s nice to know that the economy isn’t taking a step backwards; it’s just changing. maddixexcavating.com

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