Western Brooklyn

David A. Boody’s Chess Team Are Champions

I.S. 228 champions and Chess Master Bruce Fuchs and Principal Dominick D’Angelo via Facebook

The chess team of David A. Boody Middle Schools I.S. 228 (228 Avenue S) took home the title of Junior High School Novice Level at the 47th Annual Greater NY Chess Championship Competition this previous weekend.

The school’s students are no strangers to chess domination, as they have won the title several times in previous years too.

The borough-wide competition is held annually and Brooklyn’s schools have shown a strong presence for some time now. Another Brooklyn school, Edward R. Murrow High School, qualified for the next round of competition.

The David A. Boody chess team is coached by chess master Bruce Fuchs, who has won many state championships and titles himself, and has helped bring the I.S 228 team to victory since being coached out of retirement by the school’s principal, Dominick D’Angelo.

The state level championship happens in Saratoga Springs in the coming month. Good luck to the Brooklyn teams and especially the budding masters at I.S. 228.