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Danny’s Electronics To Close At The End Of June


Closing: Danny's Electronics
A little while ago, we noticed a “building for sale” sign (listed for $4.7M) go up on the side of the building at 146 5th Avenue, on the corner of Douglass, and we worried a bit for the business located in the storefront there. And now it seems we were right to worry, as the repair shop Danny’s Electronics Services will be closing its doors due to the sale of the property.

If you brought items to the shop to be repaired, you’ll need to pick them up by the end of this month.

A letter posted in the window of the shop reads:

Notification Letter to Claim Belongings
Store Going Out of Business

Dear Customer:

This is to inform you that on June 30, 2014, Danny’s Electronics Svc., will be going out of business. Not Lease Renewal due [to] a building sale. Prior to that date you will need to come in and claim your belongings. Anything that is left on the premises after June 30th will be recycled and/or disposed.

Thank you for being a loyal and valued customer for all these years. We appreciate your business. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by phone (718) 622-9264 or via email:

Mr. Danny N

For those who might need something repaired in the future, does anyone have any other electronics repair shop recommendations that are nearby?

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  1. What do you all care if it goes out of business ?? The only thing you do is post on how to search for FREE stuff and samples . All of these fake wannabe Brooklynites dont support local businesses , these freaks look to complain on yelp and act like their owed something . Their getting ripped off on laughable rents and have no more expendable cash from mommy and daddy back home in Indiana . Thats why everything goes out of business in Park Slope after 12 months. YOU EXCLUSIVELY SEARCH FOR FREE CRAP , or your bucket list jumping from one business to another ,never to return lol, thats NOT supporting local mom and pop business’ at all ! They celebrate when something goes out of business on your website look at the terroir article comments – You Get what you deserve . which is nothing.

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