Southern Brooklyn

Damage Report: Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach – Huge Flooding, Landmarks Wiped Out


Where do we even begin to tell the story of the massive destruction that swept through our neighborhood last night?

We chose Manhattan Beach because it was the hardest hit within our coverage area, with eight foot tall waves crashing through the neighborhood. Several community landmarks are heavily damaged, not least of which is the esplanade.

Sure, the esplanade has taken damage in previous storms. But though dangerous and unusable, it was still there.

No longer.

On the other side of the community, the Ocean Avenue footbridge is heavily damaged. About a third of the railing is gone, and the wooden planks are splintered in some areas.

In between, homes are flooded. Water was bubbling up from the manhole covers when we visited around noon. A portion of one home’s facade collapsed.

Honestly, we can’t even begin to go in-depth on this. We’re hoping to get more info up about Sheepshead Bay and other neighborhoods. We quickly put together this video, and a set of unedited photos from Brighton Beach to Manhattan Beach which only just begin to express the extant of the damage.