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Cymbrowitz: Close Down Noisy Car Wash On Coney Island Ave!

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The following is a press release from the offices of Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz:

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D-Brooklyn) says a Sheepshead Bay car wash calling itself ‘Z Best’ is actually ‘Z Loudest’ – and he’s supporting a city agency’s petition for a cease-and-desist order against the “noisy neighbor” business.

Cymbrowitz, who represents the community where the Coney Island Avenue car wash is located, says his office has been flooded with calls during the past year from residential neighbors complaining about the constant racket coming from the business’s machinery, “interrupting their sleep and their daily lives.”

He contacted the city’s Department of Environmental Protection, which has issued numerous violations to the car wash for excessive noise. Commissioner Carter H. Strickland, Jr. of DEP told Assemblyman Cymbrowitz that if the noise complaints persisted, his agency would ask the city’s Environmental Control Board to issue a cease-and-desist order.

Frustrated neighbors kept calling Cymbrowitz’s office, and now the DEP has taken the promised next step. Assemblyman Cymbrowitz has written to the Environmental Control Board in support of DEP’s request to stop the car wash from inflicting further noise on the surrounding neighborhood.

Cymbrowitz called the action “long overdue for a business that has consistently flouted the law and turned a deaf ear to concerns from its residential neighbors in the community.”

“In a neighborhood where most businesses strive to be good neighbors and to develop a rapport with the people who will potentially be their customers, this particular business’s persistent arrogance and blatant disregard of both the law and common decency is extremely disturbing,” he wrote.

Once a cease-and-desist order is granted, the car wash’s equipment will be sealed, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz said. If the car wash attempts to do business, heavy fines are imposed. DEP can then return to the Environmental Control Board and ask for the business to be closed, he said.

“Out of respect to my constituents and the many hardworking neighborhood business owners who are careful to work within the law, I urge you to take quick action against Z Best Car Wash and protect the public from this nuisance. My community has tolerated its presence long enough. It’s time to shut this business down,” Cymbrowitz said.

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  1. first time i’ve heard of this noise issue. I usually take my car here because I like it better than Oakleys. Wonder if there’s another place that has decent $5 exterior washes?

  2. So whats going to happen to the owner, who invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to build his business?! They should have thought of that when they were issuing a building permit, all the neighbors should have complained then. Now, the owner is supposed to just walk away? Where is justice in that?

  3. i think this car wash is one of the best carwashes in the neighbourhood and the owners are really nice their equpement is brand new compare to the rest reason why people thrive to shut it down because it causes lots of compatition to other car washes and it does cause traffic on the road

  4. what about the people like me that purchased 10 washes for 120$ and only used one so far what are seposed to do now. 

    im calling my credit card.

  5. I know of the car wash but not of the noise issues. I also do not live there.
    What I find interesting is that every single post sides with the business and just about says “screw the homeowners”. What about the homeowners who “invested hundred of thousands of dollars”. Should they “just walk away?”
    This is so typical of the problems in the bay today. Build an eyesore next to my house and F… you. Or build a business that disturbs the neighborhood and F… you. Honk your horn the minute the light changes and F… you.
    What a sad state of affairs.

  6. Previous to this there was an earlier Car Wash at this location. Does anyone know if there was a history of complaints made about that business?

  7. so i live across the street from coney island hosp….am i supposed to complain about the constant noises from ocean pkwy such as cops, ambulances, trucks, firetrucks, ups, fedex, etc… the fact of the matter is Z best is not 24 hours and they should be allowed to make noise untill 11pm like the rest of us. i here all types of sirens and vehicles at all hours of the night. so in my opinion either invest in double sealed windows….or if u want real quiet move to the subburbs

  8. the funniest part that state official  who gets into a city business  is the one who started all of these. DOB approved all permits and plans  and had n complaints until Mr. Assemblyman got involved. Noise complaints? Mr. Cymbrowitz, ask DOB to lift a Stop Work Order, so the owners can install necessery sound protection equipment.

  9. If there was a zoning permit, and i’m sure that the business was built lawfully (well, i hope) and didn’t just spring up in  the middle of a purely residential neighborhood, why are all the complaints now? Are they using some super loud machinery that no one else has in the ‘hood? 

    Also, i just don’t feel pity for the residents, i live right by the belt, and every Sunday night (almost) there is a truck that thinks  that he can get through past the train bridge, and when he doesnt, he slams into the bottom of it. 
    At 3 am, its not very pleasant to wake  up to a fucking noise like that.   And i’m not even mentioning the construction they are doing during the week, at night, with bright lights,  and very noisy machines. I understand that its likely necessary. 

  10. Neighbors said the Car Wash special zoning was null and voided after the previous car wash closed for many years. 

  11. this is the biggest bullshit ever. this is one of the best car washes. You want a noisy car wash go to ave n and coney island… oh but because competition came they wanna cry to steve…. F that – someone start a petition against this petition

  12. definitely one of the best car washes in the neighborhood, this whole thing sounds like a load of crap!

  13. Why don’t they just agree to operate at a decent time. How many customers will they lose if they agree to operate say 9am-9pm.

       Doesn’t seem reasonable to complain about loud noise in this city during non-sleep hours, the whole city is one big noise machine.


  14. I should make a petition to keep this buisness here its one of the best car washes in all of brooklyn !

  15. in that case, REGARDLESS to what the noise level the car wash causes, it needed to be closed down. If the owner did not take precaution to follow the rules when building the business then the owner should either change to fit the law or be fined, or closed down. 

  16. Forget the noise probelms, what about the traffic issue as this carwash has no enterance que so cars just back up on Coney Island Ave adn turn my commute from Axe X. the the Belt parkway from 1 minute to 10. Close the place down now!!!!

  17. I live right behind the car wash and you have no idea how loud they are. I used to be able to sleep with my windows open now i cant because of the noise they make in the morning.

  18. Alt-2 permit to renovate existing car wash should not have been issued at all. Previous car wash was completely demolished so technically new owner lost zoning privilege to continue non-compliance use as car wash. DOB should have cought them when building was demolished and revoked permit back then.

  19. First off the people that are trying to shut down this business are assholes.
    The spot where they built this last year was a closed down building with no visible activity for years. It seems the neighbors have become spoiled little brats and forgot what it’s like to really live in New York.

    Maybe people should be looking for a real solution and compromise instead of trying to shut down a business that brings money to the area. How about looking into a sound proof wall. 

  20. I’ve seen just as bad traffic when Rasputin is open or when 7/11 is packed. Please, It’s Coney Fucking Island Ave. It’s gonna be busy and congested.

  21. Not for nothing, but the owners of the place should’ve researched their equipment more thoroughly, as well as applied for proper permits or taken proper precautions to protect themselves, since the issue is the noise being emitted by their machinery. Sound buffering could’ve been added to the facility or noise variances asked for.

  22. It is loud, but I don’t know about being open 24 hours. I swung by 7/11 on Saturday night/Sunday morning around 3am, and the noise when I got out of my car was pretty loud. The car wash seemed closed, no lights were on, nor were there any cars getting washed from what I saw briefly. Anywho, I don’t live near there, nor wish to see it closed, but at the same time, the business owners needs to make sure they take all the proper precautions and procedures in building up and running the business, otherwise things like this happen, and this goes for any business owner!

  23. First and foremost the economic activity that was expended to renovate and build the place. One presumes they used a local contractor. Second, the tax revenue from the customers that use that carwash. Third, the businesses around it. While a customer has his car washed they might wander over to 7/11 for coffee or one of the other food stores on that block. Maybe they notice a business while waiting for their car that they’ll come back and try at a later time. 

    It’s one of the most basic precepts of capitalism and business. Business draws business. You can be damned sure it generates more money for the community then some condemned building.

  24. There are plenty of other car washes up and down the length of Coney Island Ave, even if they had room for a waiting line, there would still be congestion. That’s the nature of Coney Island Ave. It’s not a residential street. If the noise is such an issue then get your landlord to install sound proof windows.

  25. Z-Best has been operating illegally since its inception. It obtained a Dept. of Buildings (DOB) construction permit through fraud; when the DOB caught on, it revoked the permit. Now Z-Best is seeking a special permit from the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA), but the basis of the application is the same fraud, namely the false claim that the old car wash had been inoperational for less than two years and that therefore Z-Best is grandfathered and does not need a zoning variance. In fact, as many of us neighbors have attested to in affidavits filed with the DOB and with the Dept. of Environmental Protection, the old car wash was inoperational for at least 4 years. Z-Best will have to apply to the BSA for an actual zoning variance, a variance for which they should have applied in the first place, and when they do so, there will be a public hearing. Z-Best will have to face the fraud issue; in addition, in order to obtain Board approval, Z-Best will have to explain why they should be allowed to operate in a location for which they are not zoned. They will have to prevail over the strenuous objections of all of us neighbors who live here and daily experience the noise and safety concerns generated by Z-Best. I believe that they will not succeed. 

    Many of us have lived here for decades, long before Z-Best started its illegal operations. We know from direct experience that the old car wash was nowhere near as noisy or busy as the present one; that is the reason the old car wash was better tolerated by the community. The renovation by Z-Best of the old car wash included installation of blowers and vacuum machines that generate far more noise than the old machinery, indeed far greater noise than any of us have ever experienced at any car wash we have used or passed by. In addition, by being so busy, Z-Best generates intense safety concerns for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Cars waiting to enter the car wash frequently block the part of the street where people walk; pedestrians have to walk onto Coney Island Avenue itself to get around these cars, which is a dangerous maneuver, or else try to walk between the waiting cars, which is also dangerous. As motorists traveling on Coney Island Avenue with no intention of using Z-Best approach Z-Best, they suddenly find the lane that they are in blocked off, requiring them to suddenly change lanes or else be stuck behind the cars waiting to be washed; this too creates dangerous road conditions.

    The owner of Z-Best is the same owner, Harvey Showalter, as the owner of the old car wash. He is leasing the place to the present occupants. When Harvey used to operate the place himself, he was responsive to the needs of the community, such as by enforcing the signs he placed on the wall that read “No Loud Radio Playing.” Under the auspices of the present managers, those signs no longer exist and the managers routinely tolerate the playing by car owners of super-loud radios. Now that Harvey is an absentee landlord, operating the car wash by proxy, the evidence points to his not caring about his neighbors at all.

  26. Russian schemers is who they are… I wouldn’t be surprised if they are doing some back room illegal selling.

  27. Your story sounds good. But, its not true. Feel free to call DOB and not speculate. Also,
    Jouster knows the story.  

  28. everybody wants to screw the middle class businesses ! 7 11 getting good business now from them cause of the car wash 

  29. first of all if you do live in the neighborhood you would see the sign there is now do not block traffic so don’t say he’s not taking precautions you decided to live near a commercial street thats what happens

  30. anyone that puts this business down and says there money is fraud is dam sure knows that they’re business is doing good and they’re just jealous and don’t way to see him make money keep your nose where it aint spse to be

  31. The owner knew the land was not zoned for a car wash. This is what the risk you take when try to play around the law. Why did DOB put a stop work order if everything is ok?

  32. You think 7-11 is doing better with the car wash as the car wash took away parking spaces? its not about middle class, it about following the law.

  33. The building has the same owner. His operation was suspended by his own choice. The structure can only be used for the purpose in which it was built without substantial modification. However, if the modifications made to the building by the current leaseholder have changed the structure discernibly it MAY void the earlier grandfathering.

    Most DOB employees are not attorneys, and do not understand the nuances of zoning law.

  34. Its the 24 months period that is the main point. The zoning changed on CI ave. But, they still worked under grandfather laws. If they open the biz even 1 time in 24 months, they can stay as a car wash. They closed more than 4 years without any operation. 
    if you build the right building on the wrong zoned land, who wins. Zoning is the key. 

  35. Thank you for the link. The problem goes way back. If the car wash had nothing to hide, it would have been resolved by now. 

  36. The building was constructed before the modern system of zoning was put into place. It recieved its C of O on March 1949. It met the requirements of that time.

    A car wash can only be used for that purpose. Any other use would require substantial modification. In such an occurrence the refusal to grant a variance, if indeed one was needed, would effect a serious hardship on the owner of the premises.

    The complaints made against the car wash regarding excessive sound are legitimate ones. Several other complaints regarding the construction have legitimacy as well. These should be the focus of the efforts made to either seek compliance , or a cessation of the current business operation at that address. These are achievable goals.

  37. The owner of the property could not find a buyer for many years. People didn’t want to talk a risk because of zoning. Finally, after 4 years, these people took the risk hoping they would not get caught. They got caught. They can try to get a variance. 

  38. Car wash is Illegal, enough said. Money or no money, noise or no noise.
    this place was NOT built legally. land owner lost zoning allowance to have car wash period. False filed for renovation but demolished entire structure and lost zoning right to have a car wash ever plus previous car wash was not in operation which also makes you lose zoning privilege. Land owner twice lost right to have a car wash.
    regardless of all your comments people. Place is illegal.

  39. Agreed. Some people here think they are zoning experts. Rules, laws and regulation are made for everyone. These people tried to play the system and got caught. You are correct the place is illegal. 

  40. Leave it if thy close, it’s jut another empty space generating no income. Stop kvetching.

  41. In order to correct an error that I made, I am taking the unusual step of replying to myself. The correct name of Z-Best’s owner is Harvey Stashower, not Harvey Showalter. As long as I’m writing, I might as well address two specious defenses that have been posted with respect to the operation of this illegal business. First, the sign that the owner or managers put up directing prospective users not to block traffic does not solve the problem, because motorists intent on getting their cars washed just ignore the sign. Second, a business that defies the law is as beneficial as a car without brakes. 

  42. U have no clue what ur talking about it didn’t take any parking spaces r u dreaming that place was abandoned it was closed off to 711

  43. Alex all ur comments are a load of crap what the hell do u care and what the hell do u know you and nobody knows the real story but the owner and the city I won’t say I know anything cuz I don’t I just know that coney island is a commericial street and if it was such a big problem with the noise and he did this place illegally they wudda shut him down long dam time ago nobody needs to speculate like they’re cymbrowitzs lawyer or something they’re are things that need to be down but nobody knows the truth so nobody needs to put shit into peoples head to make ppl spread crap

  44. owner tried to get away with it. He didn’t expect the city will catch up to him so fast. now, he may want to claim financial hardship. He may try to lie and tell the city that all of his life savings are in the car wash and his kids will be hungry and homeless if the car wash is closed. But, they have $. Play by the book, follow laws, rules and regulations and you will not have this problem. 

  45. these owners are used to not following the law. if you do a background check, its not the first time. Sometimes you get away with it and sometimes you don’t. they did get away with it before. but, karma caught up to them

  46. The building was abandoned for years because no one else wanted to take the risk of the wrong zoning. it took over 4 years to find these people who took the risk and think they can get away with it. This is what happens when you think that you are smarter than the system. Follow the law and you don’t have to worry about it. 

  47. Funniest part is that some people choose to not follow rules and regulations. The locations got lots of complaints from day 1 of construction. Assemblyman Cybrowitz, please help the 99% to close this car wash. 

  48. Ok if the carwash is illigal at that location and the broke so many laws how are they able to operate for so long?  Why the noise problem is the only one that is being pushed the most?  I looked at the dob website and found that they had 20 some complaints out wich 20 were closed.  The complaints are dated way before they opened so I think the noise problem  was the only one that worked in your journey to tgive them hard time.  I know the price of your houses went down since they opended a carwash but on the other hand the carwash was there for many years before many of the newer houses were bouilt.  When you bought your house you paid a below market price wo why should you get a full market price now?  Let them fix the noise and forget this.

  49. Don’t worry. They’ll be back and I promise you that when they do they comming full force. Neighbor’s watch out.

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