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Cymbrowitz Announces Final Phase Of $460K Emmons Ave Beautification Project

Steven Cymbrowitz, Steve Barrison, Kevin Jeffrey at this afternoon’s announcement.

The city will kick off the final phase of an Emmons Avenue beautification project in the spring, capping off a 10-year rehabilitation of Sheepshead Bay’s waterfront, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz announced at a press conference today.

Cymbrowitz was joined by Parks Department Brooklyn Commissioner Kevin Jeffrey, Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo, 46th District Leader Mike Geller, Bay Improvement Group President Steve Barrison and Parks Department’s Brooklyn Chief of Staff Martin Maher on Emmons Avenue and Sheepshead Bay Road this afternoon, celebrating the conclusion of a design study that will kick off the construction.

“If you look [at Emmons Avenue west of Ocean Avenue] the area is quite different than the rest of Emmons Avenue. There are several trees, some sidewalk, but that’s about it,” Cymbrowitz said. With construction expected to begin in the spring of 2013, the western portion of the strip will match the east, an area he says is “a lot more relaxing. It’s a terrific area to just sit.”

This latest phase of the project, affecting the water side of Emmons Avenue from Ocean Avenue to East 14th Street, will see improvements including:

  • repaired sidewalks
  • covered trash bins
  • new trees, with granite block pavement in enlarged tree pits
  • new curb cuts
  • fresh paint on the Bay’s railing
  • blue concrete and matching artistic design elements previously installed near the piers, from Ocean Avenue to East 27th Street
  • 1964 World’s Fair-style benches

The project will cost $460,000, with all funding provided by a 2008 MultiModal allocation by Cymbrowitz; MultiModal funding may only be used for transportation-related projects.

“Parks benefit from allocations from elected officials, and I have to say it … you’ve been an absolute stalwart in this concept of developing street-scape which is so important as we fight for better access for our open spaces,” Jeffrey told Cymbrowitz. “We hope the action that you’ve taken here will set the precedent for our other elected to start to take a look at the issue of connectivity between our open spaces.”

The project will make the area safer for pedestrians, joggers and senior neighbors, as well as draw more visitors to the neighborhood, Cymbrowitz noted.

“This project not only removes dangerous sidewalk conditions for our seniors, but also makes Emmons Avenue from Ocean Avenue to the end of the Bay more inviting to the public,” Cymbrowitz said.

When construction is finished, the Emmons Avenue street-scape will have seen a complete overhaul over the last decade. Repairs began in 2003, when the city installed new antique-style lights along Emmons Avenue and Shore Boulevard. In 2006, the city completed a similar renovation to the current one, from Ocean Avenue to East 27th Street, adding new benches, sidewalk designs, tree pits and more.

Both the 2003 and 2006 projects were funded by Cymbrowitz.

“People forget, before the time of Steve Cymbrowitz, there were vacant lots … people moving out, no business coming in. Look how wonderful this street has become,” said Geller. “It is a talking point for all of Brooklyn.”

Below is video of the press conference:

([3:15 p.m.] — YouTube appears to be slow in processing the video. It should be up in a few…)

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  1. When the article claims that “projects were funded by Cymbrowitz.” Who is really paying for it?
    Did Cybrowitz write the article for Sheepsheadbay to publish?

  2. The improvements are great, and it will put people to work in creating them, but the improvements mentioned just don’t sound like they should add up to $460k. 

  3. You should learn to read.

    “The project will cost $460,000, with all funding provided by a 2008 MultiModal allocation by Cymbrowitz; MultiModal funding may only be used for transportation-related projects.”

  4. Why doesn’t this piece of shit do something wih the East side of Emmons Avenue?  There are voters here too.  I hate this guy – he does nothing for the regular folks here, just for the stores, restaurants and wealthy voters who can pay for him to sit on his lame fat ass and do nothing for the community

  5. We, the taxpayers are paying for this joke to do his projects for the businesses only, not the real people.  He must be thrown out of office, and be replaced with someone who actually gives a rats ass about all of Sheepshead Bay, not just the “business end” of Emmons Avenue.

  6. ‘m sure he’s buying of contractors, and lining his own pockets.  There is no way in hell that nearly a half million dollars worth of work is being done.

  7. In the same way this project is funded by Cymbrowitz, it was his efforts that got the allocation of funds therefore he is given credit as the one who funded the project. Stop feigning ignorance and asking questions you know the answer to in order to create a narrative where the site is some sort of propaganda arm like Fox News is for the GOP.

  8. So you’re saying that businesses along the waterfront aren’t owned by “the real people,” who then pay “the real people” their wages? You’re not happy that the area will be beautified and that jobs will be created in the process?

  9. Mike Geller kissed Cybrowitz ass. But, was just told that he is also seeking re-election with Cybrowitz.

    Vote these two clowns out.

    “People forget, before the time of Steve Cymbrowitz, there were vacant lots … people moving out, no business coming in. Look how wonderful this street has become,” said Geller

  10. How is improving the waterfront of Sheepshead Bay just for the stores and restaurants? What do you want Cymbro to do, hand out money, to you?

  11. What about Emmons Avenue @ Brigham Street …… that big ‘ol empty lot that is over growing with weeds, can’t that be made into a park with benches and trees and fix up the fishing pier there, also maybe add a nice dog park there, so many people have dogs in this area, including me, with no where to walk them, and the bike/skate/jogging path along the belt pkwy that begins @ Brigham Street and Emmons Avenue needs some TLC and beautifying. Don’t you think so?  

  12. Yep! all we have is a condo heaven and most of them are still empty! We could use an American  senior center here, for those who still speak ENGLISH!!

  13. Timing is right-just before an election. Funded by Cymbrowitz sounds very funny to me also. There are too many problems in the district where this money could be used. If funds can be used for transportation projects only there are many to take care of.
    Why politicians feel that we, the people, are stupid and will buy it. Time for change.

  14. Cybrowitz is worse than Kruger. Is Cybrowitz writing articles for Sheepsheadbay bites and bullying them to pubish it?

  15. Not that I would want to shift the focus here, but I’m wondering if Jeffries, our new Borough Parks commissioner, will be another long term, do nothing for southern Brooklyn Parks, political hack, just like Spiegel was?! Perfect examples, as a friend tells me, the Tennis Courts at Coney, Dyker (Bay 8th), Kelly, Marine, and McKinley Parks, have been in a sorry state of repair for many years, while the the Courts at Gravesend, were turned into a Roller Hockey Rink, a few years back, ( In a neighborhood, that is increasingly  Hasidic Orthodox. Hell!, they don’t even play Tennis, and now are expected to put on Skates?!) while the Courts at Highland, on the border of East New York and Cypress Hills, which were in good condition, are overhauled and resurfaced! As our kids continue to become overweight, and our Public and Private School athletes are left with horrible courts to play on. Shameful!

  16. The beatification project in sum goes from the end of the Bay to East 27th street – where the park next to Stella Maris is. Further up stops being open space – it’s sidewalks in front of businesses and residences (who don’t do the best job of maintenance) – and it’s also no longer Cymbrowitz’s district.

  17. No. Are political hacks leaving anonymous defamatory comments on Sheepshead Bites and hoping we won’t delete them? ‘Cause I’ve seen you turn up only since other campaigns against Cymbrowitz were announced, and you only ever say the same thing – anonymously – without ever providing a detail. By all means, if you’ve got evidence of corruption, you know how to reach me.

  18. By and large, most local leaders I speak to are happy that Spiegel is gone, and say Jeffrey is an improvement (and, unlike Spiegel, a guy who actually cares about parks). If I’m not mistaken though, projects like those are done by Parks at the request of community leaders, and through allocations provided by them. Might want to ask your councilman.

  19. Thanks for the reply. My friend tells me that our local Councilmen, Gentile, Nelson, Oddo, and Recchia, have been contacted, are Golfers, and couldn’t care less. I don’t include Greenfield because being Orthodox maybe his Rabbi’s intrepetation of Torah, precludes his followers from playing Golf or Tennis, for that matter. Still Shameful! 

  20. After Cymbrowitz is voted out the next guys who need to be out off their offices are Fidler,Nelson,Golden,Weinstein and T. Scavo.

  21. I notice there’s been charges of massive corruption towards Cymbrowitz, with absolutely no evidence, or even observation behind it.

       Similarly, some dude kept repeating this massive corruption line about the 61st precinct, saying the stories “are around”. I’ve lived here over 40 years, and of course there’s an occasional corrupt cop, but I’ve never heard “the stories” either on the street, in any newspaper, not even in any rumor mill

  22. Lew fidler will be gone next year when he is term limited out. So that will self-resolve. As theguywhocares already knows, the city council is subject to term limits, the assemblymembers are not and T Scavo sits in a non elected seat.

  23. Another politician questions the Muslim Brotherhood mega-mosque going up on a quiet street in Sheepshead Bay

  24. with money ALLOCATED BY cymbrowitz,  not FROM HIM…   saying it is from him sounds like he donated that money out of his own pocket…

  25. But not one of them ever said anything about Spiegel. They just praised him all the time. When he retired he said he viewed his entire job as trying to get more money for Parks. I think managing that money so it was wisely spent was also part of his job, but he apparently didn’t think so. I sent him one letter when he was in charge and got a BS response. He was no good in my book. I’ve gotten better results from Jeffrey.

  26. None of this is being done for the residents of Sheepshead Bay. The business that will benefit are minimal….Baku, and Cherry Hill and a few other stragglers. What is being done to restore the fishing fleets that were forced out of business?
    It’s all to bring on gentrification and little to be left for the “real people” who have survived this long without the help and in spite of these jokers.
    What business are you referring to along the waterfront? The condo owners? 
    The docks were recently refurbished and a shitty job at that. If it was done right the first time our $$$ would not have been wasted. It’s all a political game, that’s all. A waste of time, money and resources. 

  27. What is Cymbrowitz doing for the residents that live on Avenue U.  This area has gone down hill in the past few years.  Chinese supermarkets opening up on many blocks, blocking the streets with their outside rolling counters, dirtying the streets and having very strong odors permeating the streets as you pass by.  Its’ disgusting.  This once
    nice shopping area has become what they have or had on the lower east side.
    No one seems to care that many of these stores are in violation, as they sell uncovered foods in the street.  I guess they are never inspected.  
    Mr. Cymbrowitz, I suggest that if you wish to be re elected, that you do something about this.  You started off good, like the saying goes “A new broom sweeps good.”
    Guess your broom must be real old, cause it’s not working.

    The sanitation dept. does a very poor job of keeping this area clean.  The few trash can’s on some corners are always filled to the top, with the excess next to it on the
    floor.  The rats must be having a field day.

  28. Ah yes…good ol’ Avenue U.

    In 1983, while walking down the train steps coming home from work, I was greeted by a very small, frail, elderly Asian woman, sitting under the trestle on a milk crate, skinning eels for sale.

    The skinned eels piled up on the milkcrate to her right, while the one to her left held a pile of bras – also for sale. She was hawking them, in a high pitched, sing-song voice.

    Don’t know what the connection would be (if any at all), but this bizzarre pairing will always stick in my mind.

  29. Bizarre pairing?  I’m still trying to figure out the guys about ten years ago who were on the corners all over the City selling surge protectors and air fresheners. What was that connection?


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