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Cyber-Bully Vitaly Borker Sentenced To Four Years For Threatening Online Shoppers With Violence, Rape


Vitaly Borker, the owner of a Manhattan Beach-based online eye-wear retailer accused of harassing and threatening customers, was sentenced to four years in federal prison yesterday.

Borker, 35, was arrested in December 2010 after a New York Times article caught him boasting of his success in attracting traffic and sales to his site,, by terrorizing customers with threats of violence and even rape. Authorities busted Borker days later, and a raid on his Beaumont Street home-office found a trove of counterfeit goods, guns and child pornography.

His actions even spurred Google to change its system for page ranking, so that cyber-bullies like Borker do not benefit from negative online reviews.

In May of 2011, Borker pleaded guilty to two counts of sending threatening communications, one count of mail fraud and one count of wire fraud. The mail fraud and wire fraud charges are because Borker was allegedly selling knock-offs of designer eyewear.

“Vitaly Borker was an Internet shopper’s worst nightmare,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement. “Borker operated behind the veil of the Internet and aliases to first defraud his victims and then, if they complained, terrorize them with threats, intimidation, and harassment.”

The sentencing comes short of the five to six-and-a-half year sentence that prosecutors were shooting for, but much more than the 18 months his attorney expected.

Borker will also pay more than $96,000 in fines and restitution. His attorney said he will appeal the sentencing.

For several months after Borker’s arrest, he was released on a $1 million bond and was confined to his home. The judge banned him from using the internet, and even phone usage was monitored. To ensure compliance, the judge tasked a security guard to stay with him the entire time, at a cost to Borker of $1,000 a day.

According to CBS News, Borker was in tears during the sentencing and said, ‘I had a big mouth. I just couldn’t control it and it ruined my life.’

The New York Times reports that, though Borker pleaded guilty, a slew of hearings had delayed sentencing:

Though he pleaded guilty, Mr. Borker’s case went on for more than 18 contentious months, punctuated by a number of hearings. The latest, in July, centered on whether Mr. Borker had uttered the worst of the statements in the government’s indictment, something he denied.

A handful of Mr. Borker’s victims were summoned to testify about calls and e-mails they had received, which turned out to include a threat to slice off the legs of one customer. Federal District Judge Richard J. Sullivan said, at the end of one day of testimony, that he found the victims credible and so disturbing that he revoked Mr. Borker’s bail, which had allowed him to live at home under restrictions.

… His lawyer, Dominic F. Amorosa, argued that Mr. Borker deserved leniency because he is mentally ill — a doctor hired by the defense said he has “a bipolar mood disorder characterized by impulsive and manic mood symptoms” — and was frequently under the influence of marijuana and alcohol.

Mr. Amorosa also contended that only a tiny fraction of Mr. Borker’s customers were threatened and that his business was otherwise a thriving enterprise. DecorMyEyes had thousands of repeat customers, he said, and millions of dollars in revenue.

“He threatened, horribly, 25 people,” Mr. Amorosa said, suggesting that was a small number, given the scale of the company.

Once Borker is released from prison, he will face three years of probation, during which he will not be permitted to use a computer.

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  1. Having dealt with this piece of shit – he deserves what he got –
    The wife was also involved and is walking away – but the child does need some sort of parent –   

  2. awww..he was in tears during sentencing.
    What’s he gonna do in jail when he gets threatened with “violence and rape”?

  3. This is an exclusive opportunity to get his raping skills improved in jail, or may be “being raped” skills… 🙂 Does he want to foreclose his home?

  4. If the New York Times hadn’t showcased his talents he would still be walking around free today. Proof that the press still has the power to set the wheels of justice in motion.

    But there are others like Borker who have been harassing people for years without penalty. Their motivations and methods may be different but the results are the same. They are on occasion arrested for their actions but they walk free because the criminal justice system usually treats such cases lightly. This needs to change.

  5.  While this piece of shit should go to the slammer for scamming customers, guns, counterfeit, whatever the hell the other legitimate charges are, I don’t like how “cyber-bulling” is overplayed here. It’s like a fucking thought crime…

    If I tell you, “Lisanne, I’m going to gut you.” I deserve jail?
    If I was stalking you, that would be a different story.

  6. “Lisanne, I’m going to GUT you.”

    Are you implying Lisanne is a fish…or, even more ridiculous…an old house?!?

    LOL…that’s even worse than “get”, which I assume is what you really meant!

  7. Also remember: “Borker” rhymes with “Porker”!

    In light of that, it would be in his best interests to be fitted for a high tensile strength Tuchis Guard, with a Krypton lock that can only be opened by the warden.

    Time to get “crackin'”, Borker my boy!

  8. No charges on the Child Pornography?

    Kinda sick……… should label him as a Sex Offender, Why? because he didn’t get slapped for having it. 

  9. TIM GOOG: First, he’s no American. He’s a Russian with legal status. Second, back to the U.S.S.R! Let the pig wallow with all the other filth. But your post is more about the legality vs. the “where”? The Government can giveth and taketh away. I’m sure if they dug deep enough, they could find something that would nullify the “citizenship” status of this Russian born criminal. DEPORT! DEPORT! DEPORT!

    As to his other charge. They all think they’re still in lawless Mother Russia:

  10. I am shocked that the child porn was ignored- this guy has a kid at home!!!! And bi-polar for a defense- ha- take meds and stop the drinking and drugs- may he learn the true meaning of rape and bullying whilst he sits in his jail cell.

  11. my point was that you cant deport the guy back to something that doesnt exist and a russian restaurant does not count. 

    Also, i cant make the connection between ”
    I see the ‘1980s’ caught your eye”, child porn and whether i’m russian (btw, please define russian) —- basically – wtf does it mean?

  12. APPLEGREEN: You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you? Why is it when I ask people if they’re Russian, they humana-humana-humana? “(btw, please define russian)” — WHY would you allow anyone to DEFINE who YOU are — Russian or not?? Just tell us. Loo-HOO-ser! (Sorry for the late reply.)

  13. You r right, i’m not the smartest tool in the shed, i should have a smelled such a stinky troll from 10 miles away. 

  14. APPLEGREEN: I’ll man-up and answer it myself to get you started, ‘Am I Russian?’: HELL NO! You see? Quick, assertive, and boastful. Now, are YOU Russian? Or are you that ashamed that you’ll keep avoiding the question?

  15. I used to work with him at a financial company, he was scamming people on ebay back then, I wanted to blow the whitsle on him but I had no way to prove it. But I always said karma would get him…

  16. APPLEGREEN: Soooo, part of our thread has ‘disappeared’? DELETED, uh? I think many of us were extremely embarrassed for you, so it’s all good. Anyway, recap: I asked if you were ‘Russian’. Your muddled reply included “(btw, please define russian)”. I responded with “…WHY in the world would you allow anyone to DEFINE who YOU are?” and basically asked you to man-up and tell us. So I ask again, ARE YOU RUSSIAN?

  17. LISANNE: Before I (ahem) comment. I’m curious to know WHO deleted my posts? And what’s the process for submitting a comment for dele…wait a minute…and you are? You’re right — this is none of your business. And if you continue to post your babble, I will FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT (well, do my best) to make sure YOUR posts are never deleted.

  18. APPLEGREEN: Getting your ‘mommy’ involved (chuckle), really? Buttercup, this has NOTHING to do with your ‘ethnicity’. This is all about your embarrassing incompetence in handling an idiot-proof question. Why are you so ashamed of telling us who you are? I ask again (4th time now?), are you Russian?

    If and when you answer, I’m going to follow up with my incendiary, censor-prone question of whether ice is cold.

    By the way, your village is looking for you.

  19. Seetizen Trublood, staff members of Sheepshead Bites will delete remarks for various reasons. You may consider this censorship, but it’s merely a matter of keeping interactions somewhat civil. Commenting has been set up here for the purpose of discussing the article. The moderators have the right to decide what is relevant and allowance.

    Your behavior here is my business. If you offend people they will speak up.

    I am wondering whether we are seeing some sort of satire here. If so, perhaps it might be best to explain.

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