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Cupcake Kings To Hold Cupcake Eating Competition


Psha, screw Nathan’s. The real competitive eating challenge this year is right here in Sheepshead Bay, this Saturday, when Cupcake Kings hosts their first annual cupcake eating contest.

Competitors, on your mark, because you’re going to have 10 minutes to jam as many deviously frosted dough-loafs into your mouth as you can. We’re not really sure what’s standard here, but we’ve found at least one report of professional eaters cramming down a whopping 42 cupcakes in eight minutes, so we’re hoping the winner at least gets past 10.

Enter Jim Ryan. As one of the event’s sponsors, Sheepshead Bites was offered the chance to pick a contestant to represent the website. We brought in Jim, a local resident and leader of the award-winning competitive barbecue team Beer Belly Porkers. That’s right, we signed on a man who knows steaks and ribs because, what the hell, cupcakes are for wussies. Also, it’s going to be really funny to see him wearing Cupcake Kings’ pink shirt.

The winner of the competition, which we’re pretty sure will be Jim, gets a trophy, a $100 gift card and a Cupcake Kings gift certificate. Second place gets a trophy and Cupcake Kings gift certificate. All contestants get a t-shirt.

The event kicks off at 12:00 p.m. in front of the store at 1613 Voorhies Avenue. There will be music, giveaways and more for those who come to watch.

Come root for Jim!

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  1. if only their cupcakes are good. They have disgusting cupcakes.

    Little cupcake shop in bayridge is the best

  2. What are they going to do with the traffic on Voorhies and the visitors spilling out onto the streets with all that traffic on the way to the Belt?
    As long as it’s safe to watcg, this is going to be great.

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  4. how does this place stay open? the cupcakes suck… compared to a real cupcake place like Crumbs Bakery… Russians just don’t know anything about cupcakes apparently

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