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Cuomo Wants Hard-Hit Homeowners To Sell Property To Gov’t


Forget your guns, the government is coming for your house! Well, only if you want them to. And only if you live in an area hit hard by Superstorm Sandy.

The Daily News reports:

Gov. Cuomo wants Hurricane Sandy victims who live along the coast to consider rebuilding their homes on stilts or selling their houses to the state and relocating.

“At one point, you have to say maybe Mother Nature doesn’t want you here. Maybe she’s trying to tell you something,” Cuomo said in a phone interview with the Daily News Editorial Board.

Cuomo said he hopes more Sandy victims will choose to have the state buy them out rather than rebuild in areas that are at risk of future storm damage.

It would relieve the government of having to pay to rebuild the same houses multiple times.

The state promises “market value” for homes. However, some have already raised concerns about the shortfall in property values this will cause if communities begin withdrawing from the waterfront.

We, however, can’t help but wonder how long the government will let the land sit empty before it forgets all about flooding and builds some luxury condos and retail developments on land that it got dirt cheap.

Cynical much?

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  1. And next year if another storm comes he will not be asking. He will say this area is to dangerous for you so you have to leave and we will take your property. We know whats best for you.

  2. Liberal Deceivers love to subject as much private land and private properties, near bodies of water, as “Wetlands” classifying them as being not suitable for human habitat. But who in large numbers applaud their invasion and disturbance of a watershed habitat known as the human womb, .

  3. I would take the money and just get out of those areas because there’s no way I would want to take a chance on having that happen to my family again. How can you lay your head on your pillow at night and not worry about every summer storm that comes through New York. That’s a terrible way to live. Then there’s the added expense of flood insurance. There was a story on the news a few weeks ago about some people on Staten Island who finally put down new floors only to have more flooding with the last rain storm. I just hope they offer a fair price.

  4. I think this this issue will become moot as:

    1. More and more insurance companies refuse to underwrite policies for these properties.
    2. Then these owners will come crying to the state government for help.
    3. The only thing the state could do is to set up some kind of insurance pool, similar to New York Automobile Insurance Plan, where rates will be through the roof.
    4. Go back to step 2 and repeat.

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