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Cucco, McCreight & Purvis Demand Answers Regarding 42-Story Coney Island Tower

Photo courtesy of Kate Cucco
Photo courtesy of Kate Cucco

At a press conference today, Kate Cucco, who is challenging Assemblywoman Pamela Harris for the 46th Assembly District seat, along with state committee candidates Chris McCreight and Brigitte Purvis, called on the developers behind the 42-story tower coming to Coney Island, to come clean with the community.

At a heated town hall hosted by Councilman Chaim Deutsch and Comptroller Scott Stringer last year, residents had to the opportunity to address representatives from Cammeby’s International Group — which bought up the properties at 532 Neptune Avenue and 626 Sheepshead Bay Road across the street — raising concerns about the size of the tower, environmental contamination, traffic, parking, and the loss of shopping amenities.

However, Cucco says their voices have not been heard.

“After talking with hundreds of concerned residents in the area, it became clear to me that too many question marks remain about what is exactly in store with this development,” said Cucco. “Development projects of this scale must provide the community with regular updates so they are made aware of any changes or unforeseen issues that may arise as construction happens.”

As a concession, Cammeby’s agreed to build three floors of commercial space at the complex — which will be called Neptune/Sixth — as well as at the adjacent property. They also agreed to provide 800 parking spots.

However, the development appeared in limbo after complaints were made in May about late night work being done without proper air monitors. However, recent news reports indicate that the development has significantly grew in size. Plans for both the tower and the shopping component have seen an increase in the number of floors. The site, which sits on a sealed toxic brownfield, needs remediation before works can continue.

Photo via S9 Architecture
Renderings of the proposed shopping center (Photo via S9 Architecture)

The Brooklyn Paper reports that it is still unclear how the developer, city officials or the Department of Environmental Conservation plan to remediate the site.

Chris McCreight expressed concern about the scale of the building and slammed local elected officials for failing to take sufficient action.

“The idea of a 42-story — or however big it will be next week — tower here on Neptune Avenue is absurd. What’s worse is that its construction would be dangerous and risky,” he said. “The developer needs to come clean with the community and be upfront with his intentions. The lack of resistance we see from some of our local politicians implies that they may know the plan, but just aren’t sharing it with us.”

Purvis continued on the theme of putting the local community first.

“All over Coney Island, billionaires and developers are buying up property to turn into luxury condos,” she said. “What about the people already living here? We count too. No developments should move forward without input from the local community and without benefitting the residents who live nearby.”

The State Assembly candidates were briefly heckled by Coney Island resident Ida Sanoff — a longtime supporter of Councilman Mark Treyger and Harris — who said that McCreight was not at the last meeting, that Treyger and Deutsch are “the only ones” fighting for residents’ interests.

We reached out to Cammeby’s, but a woman who answered the phone said, “We do not respond to media requests.”

Additional reporting by Rachel Silberstein.

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  1. McCreight is only pandering for votes. He has never shown up to protest the Trump Village development up until now. Three weeks before the primary.
    There were at least 2 other neighborhood and resident meetings in the past year or so.
    McCreight was MIA at both meetings. He was never a advocate to meet with other elected officials in the area and see what could be done.
    He was as quiet as a mouse. He works with Igor Oberman at Trump Village, so where was he in the last 2 years ? The answer again INVISIBLE !
    The horse is already out of the barn with this development.
    McCreight is a little late on this issue, he can’t wait till an election is 2 weeks away to get any traction. People are not stupid.

  2. gosh how pathetic Treyger sent crazy Ida out to heckle at a community event. I live in Gravesend and I haven’t heard one word from the local politicians about this development so I don’t know what you’re talking about “Jerry”.

    i don’t care if it was 3 hours before the primary at least the guy McCrieght is speaking out about the elephant in the room that all the other elected officials have been ignoring !!!

    $$ buys silence. Treyger and Deutsch haven’t done jack. Canneby’s must be paying them well to keep quiet and look the other direction, that’s all I’ve got to say.

  3. It’s time you zipped it Zip. You live in Gravesend that’s why no one bothers with you. There were flyers in several buildings and you may not have any friends, but some people do and they tell each other what is happening in their buildings. McCreight is so full of hot air it’s not funny. He works for Trump, for thre manager Igor Oberman and never said a single word opposing this until all of a sudden it’s a few weeks before the primary. This Trump thing has been discussed over and over. Hundreds of people came out to meetings over the last two years and spoke out. Where was Mccreight? Where was Cucco? Where was Bridgitte Purvies who seems to be a nice lady so I don’t know how she got mixed up with them. You are also wrong about other elected ignoring this. Ari Kagan working for the Comptroller has tried to do something. Mark Treyger has worked on this. Councilman Deutsh had staff there late at night when special work needed to be done .You don’t seem to understand that the developer is a guy just like Trump who has a lot of money and doesn’t have to answer to anyone especially to a smoke blower like McCreight.

  4. Mark Treyger’s City Council staff should be careful they are not posting from a work computer.

    How’s that Charlie Ragusa race working out, by the way? My man Billy Thai is running circles around Charlie.

  5. I guess Zipper is on McCreight’s payroll. You certainly sound like you kiss ass to McCreight’s values.
    If it weren’t for Ida , you would have had a 8000 seat amphitheater to deal with.All of the noise ,traffic and parking issues that the residents of Coney Island have to deal with now , with the Marty Markowitz Amphitheater.
    You Zipper are a do nothing very small person , who is a follower and by no means a leader.
    You are a wannabe community activist.
    Get a life.

  6. That’s my cue. Once I see an Ari Kagan reference and it’s 100% chance that it was written by Ari himself, that’s when i know it’s time to leave a discussion. WAITER? CHECK, PLEASE!

  7. I missed the bit about Ida being responsible for the Coney Island Amphitheater. I nearly fell off my chair from belly laughter. What all your Colton and Treyger and Ragusa zombies do not want to admit is that a man named Domenic Michael Recchia, Jr. was the one who made all of those ideas possible and delivered for Coney Island. You all hate him but wether you love or hate the man, Domenic Michael Recchia, Jr. got things done for Coney. Fact’s don’t lie. Treyger is busy judging sand castle contests. What has he done for Coney? Diddly-squat!

  8. Zipper , you must be ignorant. Ida Sanoff was instrumental in defeating the Seaside Amphitheater in Asser Levy Park.
    Yes, Domenic ” dumb ” Recchia,the laughing stock in the congressional race with Congressman Michael Grimm was responsible for building a Amphitheater in Coney Island which is a complete waste of $ 60 million dollars of taxpayer money and is a disaster ( just go to the amphitheater Facebook page) instead of putting this money into infrastructure in Coney Island .
    The new amphitheater will become Coney Island’s white elephant.
    Recchia and McCreight perfect together.
    Zipper you seem to me just a lapdog for Recchia and McCreight.

  9. I’m a longtime Bean reader and admit that I look first at the stories with lots of comments even if Im not interested in The story because Bensonhurst Bean commenters are the best. I don’t have a horse in this race because no one involved is anyone I can vote for but please, Bensonhurst Bean, more reports on this motley crew because this is one heck of a telenovela happening in the comments. Im recovering from ankle surgery, need entertainment and don’t want it to end! Man, these people can’t stand each other! I now have time to go back and read what the heck this race is all about. Keep it up, Bean, and may the best man win!

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