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Crime Blotter: Car Stolen While Owner In The John, Pilfered Gym Locker, Harrassment

Photo by Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Bensonhurst Bean

Here’s our roundup of some of the crime reports that happened in and around Bensonhurst in the last two weeks, courtesy of the NYPD’s 62nd Precinct.

  • A thief drove off with car loaded with cash last week when the vehicle’s owner ran into his home to use the bathroom, cops say. The victim left his keys in the ignition when he parked his car outside his house on 83rd Street, between 11th and 12th avenues, at 3:20am on April 19, according to authorities. When the owner came back outside, his car was gone. Police say the thief also got away with $7,000 in cash.
  • A thief charged $10,000 to a credit card pilfered from a gym locker before the owner could cancel the card, police say. The victim returned to his locker at the Shore Parkway gym at 6:30pm on April 21, and noticed the lock has been broken. His wallet with credit cards were missing, according to authorities. By the time he canceled the cards, the thief had already rung up the enormous bill.
  • A man trying to park his car Friday night between 21st Avenue and Bay Parkway was accosted by a stranger who yelled at him to “go back to your country,” police say. When the victim tried to snap a cell phone picture of the car his harasser jumped out of, the man snatched it away and warned “I’ll find you,” according to the NYPD. The victim did not describe his race when he called to report the incident, cops say.
  • A house on West 3rd Street was burglarized Sunday night, police say. The thief came in through a door in the backyard of the home, located near Avenue P, and grabbed valuables worth $1,150, according to authorities.
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