Creative Cortelyou Road Commuter Tells The MTA, Fellow Passengers What He Really Thinks


cortelyou road subway note by Milton LandDitmas Parkers sure love to leave colorful notes! Neighbor Milton Land sent over these photos of one disgruntled Q rider’s publicly posted feelings about recent platform renovations at the Cortelyou Road subway stop.

cortelyou road subway note by Milton Land 2
In messages printed to emulate the style of the MTA’s own “What we accomplished” sign, he (or she, or they) wrote:

How we failed: 

• We did not install nearly enough pigeon spikes on the Manhattan bound side of Cortelyou RD and the pigeons just fly over the ones we did install. So, while that entire right wall is once again covered in pigeon poop and everyday you have to hope you do not get pigeon poop on your clothes while listening to pigeons having morning sex we decided not to do anything that would resolve this issue that has been going on for over a decade.

• We did not see any reason to deal with the open sides of the staircases mainly because no on has sued us yet. We figured the staircases have been getting covered in piles of snow and rain for years. So, you all are used to dealing with the dangerous and potentially life threatening situation.

cortelyou road subway note by Milton Land 3
And under a general overview of the rehab project at the Cortelyou, Beverley, and Parkside Avenue platforms:

We also left all the pigeon homes and piles of pigeon poop along the pipes above the tracks on the Manhattan bound side of Cortelyou Rd. We tired [sic] some spikes along the right side wall but we ran out of money and they just fly over the ones we installed anyway. We could have sealed off the areas better but we really didn’t care. FYI, we are going to raise the fare in a year or so.

It seems this particular rider’s (or these particular riders’?) qualms are largely pigeon-centric. Besides being gross and possibly hazardous to riders’ health, the high acidity of pigeon droppings have been known to corrode building materials–so if the problem truly has not been remedied, perhaps we can’t expect those structural steel repairs to last long anyway.

We’ve heard your reactions to northbound side platform work, but are you any more impressed with the southbound side? Is pigeon poop the main problem for you, or do you take more of an issue with other aspects of the rehab?

As for anyone worried about all that pigeon morning lovin’, tell them we hear there’s a better local spot for that.

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  1. The water that floods the Beverley station and the lack of drainage is a big problem. I got off the train on Friday right before that huge rain storm hit and as I waited in the station (for the rain to let up a bit) the water started gushing through the door that leads to the southbound tracks.

  2. This has the appearance of an origin story for a low-level super villain named The Pigeon.

  3. Agreed. I think the station should be shut down and riders should just walk the extra block to Cortelyou.

  4. Not that this would ever happen, but given the spacing of these stations and the fact that Cortelyou is our neighborhood hub it would make sense to shut down Beverley and run local and express trains to Cortelyou on the local track.

  5. ..Or we could close the Cortelyou station and make those people walk the extra block from Beverley.

  6. An express train to Cortelyou wouldn’t be very “express” – it would stop at Newkirk, Cortelyou, Church, and Prospect Park, skipping only Parkside.

  7. You could shut down Cortelyou but it would make MORE sense to close down Beverley. Cortelyou Road has a better stretch of storefronts. Beverley is mostly…..houses. At least right near the subway stop.

  8. Cortelyou station would have to be completely rebuilt, platforms and tracks alike, to accommodate local and express trains, all so Coney Island-bound commuters would save five-ten minutes between here and Sheepshead Bay. Unlikely to say the least. Closing Beverley wouldn’t do much either – whatever funds are saved are bound to be wasted by the MTA.

  9. i was told growing up ( a zillion years ago) the Beverly road station exists because some high ranking someone or another (possibly with the MTA? I don’t recall now) lived right there and it was specifically for him.

  10. Makes sense. Station placement is often political, and in Japan, you’ll find stations in the middle of nowhere placed solely for pork barrel reasons.

  11. Agree on funding wastage.

    I was thinking the B and Q would run local from Parkside to Church to (skipping Beverley) Cortelyou to Newkirk, and then the B would pick up the express track after Newkirk. Again, just a thought experiment, not a serious proposal.

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