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Councilman Greenfield Vying For A Change To Hydrant Parking Regulations

Source: Andy C via Wikimedia Commons

Councilman David Greenfield wants the city to change a law that allows cars to park 15 feet away from fire hydrants in no-standing zones while a driver is in the car from sunrise to sunset only. He wants the law revamped to extend to a 24-hour time allowed for parking.

“It seems like one of these archaic laws that’s been on the books for many, many years, back before there were lights and sirens,” said Greenfield to the New York Post.

Greenfield introduced the bill yesterday. He states that his constituents have complained to him regarding receiving parking tickets when parking near hydrants after sunset. The tickets are as high as $115.00.

“One hundred years ago, when you had fire vehicles without lights and sirens, they probably didn’t want you parking at a hydrant at night because you couldn’t see them, but I would imagine in the year 2012 . . . you could hear these guys coming from a mile away.”

Greenfield is no stranger to parking woes. He’s been introducing bills related to hydrant parking since his election into office. Last year, he introduced a bill that would have required the curb in front of a hydrant be painted red to mark the illegal zone. Another bill was meant to shorten the 15 feet no-parking zone to just 10. Neither of his bills have been passed, but it doesn’t seem like Greenfield will stop trying to change what he deems to be New York’s antiquated parking laws.

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  1. A hydrant is a hydrant 24/7/ It’s responsibility to be available fore fire dousing is 24/7. I usually agree with the Councilman but this is over the edge. Specifics on the streets that need special treatment pleas.

  2. So what he is saying that in the middle of a night in a snow storm his constituents will hear a fire truck and run into the street and move their cars. NO THANK YOU. I would rather not wait nor depend on such a thought.
    And yes lest institute this idea to ALL of souther Brooklyn. Brighton Beach and such will move along just smoothly. NOT…… I’m sorry Councilman but where did you pull this idea from. Please stuff it back into some dark far away place.

  3. His bill is to allow cars with drivers in the car to have the same rights to standing at night as during the day. Until now even if the driver is in the car standing is only allowed during the day. He’s right, that does sound archaic.