Could An Influx Of Cash Add More Citi Bikes To Park Slope?


Almost Empty CitiBike station on 4th Ave
Looks like Citi Bike may be coming into tens of millions of dollars soon — which apparently could result in more docks in our area.

The bike sharing program, which launched in certain parts of the city last year, could be getting the previously reported help of REQX Ventures, a business run by people affiliated with a giant real-estate company, and the Wall Street Journal is saying the deal could close within a week.

Though the price of annual memberships would likely rise from $95 to $140, the WSJ notes that our neighborhood would stand to benefit:

Williamsburg and Park Slope in Brooklyn would also get new docking stations while other Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Prospect Heights, parts of Crown Heights and Red Hook could get the blue bikes for the first time…

Considering that we’ve seen the ones (4th Ave at Dean, the next closest are on Atlantic and Flatbush) in our area  pretty empty so much of the time, it seems there’s a lot of demand. Where do you think are some ideal locations for additional docking stations?

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  1. Exciting news! I’d like to see them at Grand Army Plaza, the Old Stone House, New York Methodist Hospital, 4th ave & 9th st., and 15th st/Prospect Park.

  2. Or, people could just buy their own bikes. It’s not as if buying a bike is expensive. Used bikes are cheap and plenty of bike stores rent bikes for the day. I never really got this concept of the Citi bike thing or the need for it.

    if there is surplus money for the city to spend, how about using it for schools, more childcare for poor families or street safety? JMO.

  3. You obviously don’t ride a bike. it’s a great way to get around the city. Biking isn’t always just for exercise anymore than taking a cab is for sightseeing. You can’t always take your bike with you. Furthermore, managed correctly, it should pay for itself. Where’s the downside?

  4. I do own a bike. My entire family owns bikes. My bike cost me used, $160. None of our bikes cost over $180.00. We use them constantly.

    Where’s the downside? the senseless use of space, the money that can be used on more important things, etc. etc.. That is my problem with this entire system. Why can’t you always take your bike with you? of course you can!!! Ride it to where you want to go and then lock it up. Very simple!

  5. If you ride then you know there are some trips in the city that aren’t practical by bike, but made much easier if one can use the citibike after getting off the subway.

    The Citibike system has yet to take a dime of govt. money. It’s privately run, so you might as well attack Citibank or IBM or any other private institution as a waste of money. And talk about a waste of space!!! We allocate both sides of most streets in the city to free parking. Might that space be used a little better? Why does the world take for granted the massive subsidies inherent in our automobile infrastructure and tell anyone who wants to ride a bike to get the hell out of the way? It’s sad.

  6. Because people who own cars pay taxes on the cars, registration on the cars, and various other fees on the cars that go to the city that help the roads etc etc. Thee pay for licenses, registrations and so on. money from tickets given out to try vers and cars also helps subsidize city funds. A person riding a bike pays nothing to the city

  7. oh and in case you didn’t read it earlier, I was not saying bikes should get the hell out of the way, I am just against the citi bikes all over the city. And i do not see the point when people could easily own their own bikes.

    And hell, you need a license to have a dog or a cat, why not a license to ride a bicycle in the city? That Would help the city get funds, no?

  8. Good luck renting a parking garage for your annual registration and license fee. All I’m asking is that the playing field not be sooooo tilted in favor of automobiles.
    And you seem to be missing the point that Citibike doesn’t cost the city a dime.

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