Cortelyou, Beverley and Parkside Stations Will Be Renovated in 2013


The renovation of the subway stops at Cortelyou Road, Beverley Road and Parkside Avenue will begin in September 2013 as outlined by the MTA’s Andrew Inglesby at a Wednesday night meeting of the Community Board 14 Transportation Committee. Neighbor Gordon Rothman wrote in to us with the details of the meeting:

Repairs will be done on all three stations simultaneously. By the current schedule, crews will first close the southbound side for 4-5 months, then the northbound side for the same period. Some committee members suggested that to serve commercial interests on Cortelyou Road, it would be better to keep the southbound side running during the holiday shopping season. So that change could well be made. During the work, riders will be advised to go to the next express stop and double back.

The renovation will be extensive, including rebuilding stairs, repairing concrete, painting throughout, and improving the lighting. But the designs of the stations will be maintained.

What do you think of the plans?

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  1. Sounds good. Sorely needed repairs. Although I am not sure why Church Ave doesn’t get some love – it’s a bigger station with more riders… I get on at Cortelyou in the morning – so I guess I’d probably walk to Newkirk or Church for those months. And I get off at Beverley at night – so I’d likely just hop off at Church on the way home… Will probably add 10 minutes to the commute each way for those few months – but it’s a good thing!

  2. The stations are in need of repair and it’s better to do planned repairs than to close a station due to a collapsed staircase or retaining wall. Of course the closings are an inconvenience, but the platforms are too narrow for the stations to remain open while construction is underway. I know that if there was a way to keep the stations open during the construction, the Community Board insist that work proceed with the stations open.

  3. I bet you’ll totally be loving that extra 10 minutes when it’s raining and snowing and you have a bunch of shit from Target with you and you’re in month 15 of repairs that go on at least half a year beyond the scheduled end date.

  4. There’s probably no money/plans/etc. for this, but the southbound Cortelyou Rd. station could really benefit from an additional exit point.

  5. This might be the only way things can be done. God knows I’m in no way qualified to weigh in on _that_. But don’t act like this isn’t going to be AWFUL. C’mon!

  6. There is no place to put another exit unless you take out a house on either Marlborough or East 16th Street between Cortelyou and Dorchester.

  7. There is always a bottleneck at the top of the stairs on the southbound side of Cortelyou because of the positioning of the metal barrier inside the station. The stairs fit two abreast but this narrows to one when people enter the station house and pass through the emergency exit gate. Not sure if this can be fixed or not.

    The main issue at Cortelyou, especially with increased ridership over the past decade, is the narrowness of the platforms. Unfortunately this can only be fixed by digging new space out from under the embankment. I’m not sure if this is legal (probably not!) as it may require the MTA to dig under the houses on Marlborough and E 17th.

  8. If they’re going to cause this much disruption for this much time, they should at least be required to make them handicap accessible.

  9. Why couldn’t they alternate the work on Cortelyou & Beverley instead of simultaneous work? Only having to walk 1 block instead of going all the way to Church (or Newkirk) would be much better. They could close northbound at one and southbound at the other without causing nearly as much inconvenience.

  10. They are probably planning on routing the trains onto the express track. It’s sort of an all-or-nothing situation.

  11. Eminent domain! lol

    It would be great if they could widen the platform a little – especially if it led to a wider staircase!

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