Southern Brooklyn

Correction: Parking Meter Enforcement Begins Today!


Last night we posted that parking meter enforcement is suspended for Thursday and Friday, alongside Alternate Side Parking regulations. That was incorrect. Parking meter enforcement begins today, although Alternate Side Parking remains suspended.

Yes, despite that fact that commercial streets remain lined with dead cars, killed by the flood’s salty waters, apparently meter rules are back in effect. So you’ll have to begin paying for those spots.

We’ve reached out to Department of Transportation about this and are seeing if enforcement will be waived for Zone A areas. We’ll report when we hear back.

UPDATE (10:03 a.m.): Apparently DOT is sending mixed messages. The info above was sent out via e-mail last night. Someone just showed us this contradicting info on the DOT’s website. We’re still awaiting confirmation from DOT.

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  1. I know it is not a priortiy compared to lights, subways and rescue, but what is going on with gasoline shortages and closed stations even where there is power? I haven;t heard from that pipsqueek Marty Mouse, our boro president, all week. Finally this morning I heard him on the John Gambling WOR radio ranting about mutant looters.

  2. Damn the disaster! Start collecting tolls,parking fees,and transit fares!And handing out illegal parking tickets! I can imagine all the thousands of disabled vehicles being ticket every day.

  3. of course nobody gives a damn…city is too busy to make money with help
    with most self serving bastards cops….of course they will start issuing
    tickets to cars that were in damage zone…why not..Ned please report back if
    damn selfish pricks decide not to issue any tickets to cars located it in Zone
    A…thank you its very important to people who already have a financial hardships
    due to this storm

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