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Cops To Crack Down On Double Parking In Bensonhurst

Source: Streetsblog

Officers from the 62nd Precinct, covering Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Dyker Heights and parts of Gravesend and Borough Park, are warning drivers of an impending crackdown on double parking throughout the command.

Police have been distributing fliers about the crackdown, dubbed “Operation Move Along,” noting that fines for double parking violations are $115.

“When you double park, you obstruct the views of other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists; you impede traffic flow; you increase the chance of a collision,” the flier said. “Don’t be the cause of a collision or injury or death to somebody’s loved one. Please be considerate.”

The Bensonhurst precinct isn’t the only one to partake in the crackdown. Cops will also be writing tickets to double-parkers in Midtown Manhattan’s 34th Precinct, the Bronx’s 40th Precinct, Crown Height’s 77th Precinct, as well as two precincts in Queens and one in Staten Island.

The crackdown will last until March 16.

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  1. What is the point if the crackdown only last till March 16th? Is this suppose to be an on-going effort everyday?

  2. Why don’t they crack down on private business’ who block public streets with their double-parked trucks to conduct business i.e. 65th st. from New Utrecht to 7th Ave, where 1 lane is always blocked causing backed-up traffic, poor visibility, and dangerous driving conditions….

  3. Why don’t the police at the 62 precent look out front, there are cars double & triple parked in front of the Muslim church for hours & not one car ever gets a ticket, what a joke!!

  4. Most of the cars parked on Bath from 19th to 20th are owned by 62 Pct officers. They block the crosswalks and the bus stops, including the no parking zone in front of the Islamic Community Center.

  5. Agreed. Double-parking has to be the easiest ticket to write. It could be a gold mine for the city around here.

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