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Cops ID Suspect In Louis Barbati Murder

Police told the New York Daily News that they have identified the man seen on camera pacing outside the 12th Avenue home of Louis Barbati prior to the L&B Spumoni Gardens co-owner’s slaying.

Barbati, 61, was fatally shot in the back on June 30, at around 7:15pm as he walked up the steps into his backyard carrying $10,000 and a loaf of bread, according to police.

The outlet reports that cops are sticking with the “botched robbery” theory as they try to connect the suspect to the crime:

Police are trying to connect the suspect to the murder by tracing his phone calls and determining if anyone tipped him that Barbati would be carrying the large amount of cash.

Barbati only brought that much money home about six times a year, his wife has told detectives.

“It’s not clear how he knows,” a source said of the suspect.

“We don’t think he was acting on his own. The thinking is somebody had to know was going to have that money on him that day. Someone knew his schedule. That’s the pieces they are trying to put together.”

Police did not provide the identity of the suspect.

Family and friends of the Barbatis mourned the sudden loss of the beloved pizza maker earlier this month in a funeral ceremony at Saint Ephrem’s Catholic Church in Dyker Heights.

L&B Spumoni Gardens, located at 2725 86th Street, has been owned by the Barbatis for four generations. In the aftermath of the tragedy, many who knew Barbati and his family took to social media and Bensonhurst Bean’s comments section to express grief and share stories about the restauranteur.

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  1. And after the police catch the guy the IRS needs to step in and ask why is he carrying so much cash back to his house.

  2. Goku, first of all, 15,000 is not “so much cash”. Second, there is no law that says that you have to deposit “cash” into a bank account. You have to declare the cash, that’s all. Third, how do you know he wasn’t going to the bank in the morning to deposit the cash? Finally, the guy was murdered on his lawn and you are speaking about IRS and the cash he was carrying? You loser, go crawl under a rock. Imbecile.

  3. I wouldn’t insult anyone on here, but Goku brings up a good point. In response to your reply, you don’t know what he was going to do with the cash. Your third point implying Goku not knowing is just as a valid point for yourself, you just don’t know. But what you and I DO know, is that it’s not normal to carry large amounts of cash like that on a regular basis, which is implied what the case was as a result of the killer being very familiar with Barbati’s routine.

    I would have to disagree on how you feel that $15k is “not so much cash,” after all your point there is merely subjective. I wouldn’t be surprised if something shady was going on behind the scenes. This story has too many missing connectors to be an out-of-the-blue botched robbery, I am sure – and for this reason I am sure this is why the NYPD is not releasing the name of the suspect.

  4. Hey Brian you honestly can say that he will declare all that cash to the IRS. Why does he need to bring it home ; is it so he can count it again. You obviously have no idea how the restaurant business works. 15k x 6 is close to 100k in cash he is “bringing” home a year. With the volume that restaurant has he can report 75k gross and the IRS won’t even bat an eye when in reality it should double.

  5. It may not be so much cash in the restaurant biz but it is a lot to the guy without a job who is in debt and has two kids.

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