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Cops Hunt Subway Flasher After Victim Snaps A Photo


Police handout, via
Police handout, via
It must be hard to be a pervert these days. There you are, just trying to show one lucky lady your junk in the privacy of a public place and – blam – someone’s got to snap a cell phone photo.

That’s what happened to one poor soul on Saturday. He thought he was having a private, intimate moment on the Q train at Stillwell Avenue with a 21-year-old woman he’s never met before and who showed no inclination to meeting him. Then he did what all gentlemen do and whipped it out to say hello.

And can you believe it? She had the nerve to take a photo!

Kids these days. And this kid then shared with police. Now the police want to get to know the man a little bit.

See? Whipping it out is a surefire way of bringing people together.

Anyway, the photo is above.