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The Coop: Grown Up Food & Coffee On Tap At Kid-Friendly Bay Ridge Cafe

he coop, located at 9504 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge. (Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean)
The Coop, located at 9504 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge. (Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean)

Local moms and dads will be pleased to learn about a new kid-friendly Bay Ridge cafe — with a very grown up vibe.

The ambitious brainchild of husband-and-wife team Nick and Rose Murphy, The Coop (9504 4th Avenue) aims to create a hip space that can be enjoyable for parents of the under-3 set and coffee enthusiasts alike — not that these two groups are mutually exclusive, of course.

Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean
The Chicken Coop (Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean)

The Murphys, who own a popular restaurant and bar in Bushwick, have lived in Bay Ridge for 10 years and realized that, aside from Owl’s Head Park, there was a dearth of places in the neighborhood to bring their 2-year-old son.

Now open two months, The Coop boasts an inspired food and coffee menu, as well as an indoor/outdoor toy pen for the “chicks,” as the staff calls them.

But just because it’s kid friendly, doesn’t mean the cafe is scrimping on ambiance or taste.

“We don’t want to necessarily be known as the kids place; we really wanted the food to stand on its own, and not compromise,” says owner Nick.

Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean
Nick Murphy (Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean)
Coffee on tap. (Photo Courtesy of The Coop/Facebook)
Coffee on tap. (Photo Courtesy of The Coop/Facebook)

Sure enough, with La Colombe on draft and cold brew coffee, the cafe is on the cutting edge of coffee brewing technology. We sampled The Coop’s latte on tap, and the cool mocha-colored liquid tasted of dark roasted beans with a frothy Guinness-like texture.

The seasonal menu is made up of elevated egg dishes and toasts — with a Mediterranean bend. One specialty of The Coop is the Murphy toast, a concoction of cheese, olives, green onions, and spices, that has been passed down from a Murphy grandmother. The restaurant also offers its own version of shakshuka, an Israeli breakfast dish made of eggs poached in spicy tomato sauce.

Shakshuka. (Courtesy of The Coop)
Shakshuka. (Courtesy of The Coop/Facebook )
Photo by Rachel SIlberstein/Bensonhurst Bean
Photo by Rachel SIlberstein/Bensonhurst Bean

Being kid allergy-conscious, The Coop doesn’t use peanut butter, only sunflower butter — but they also play good music and plan to soon serve wine and beer. Baked goods are from Balthazar’s, save for the signature teddy bear cookies.

The Deviled Egg Smash ($9), which we tried, is a local favorite. The organic egg salad is heaped on toasted sour dough rye, and topped with ample sprouts, olives, and capers. The result is a dish that is sophisticated, but still accessible enough to share with one’s offspring.

Deviled Eggs Smash. (Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean)
Deviled Eggs Smash. (Photo by Rachel Silberstein/Bensonhurst Bean)

The kids’ menu — which includes fruit and yogurt, sunflower butter-smeared apple slices, and dainty PB&J sandwiches — is small, but reasonably priced, with each item costing between $3 and $4.

While it is rare to find a hip cafe and “chicken coop” co-existing in one space, The Coop nails it on the ambiance. A clever layout allows parents in the back to keep an eye on their roaming “chicks,” while non-breeders at the front can enjoy sunshine, music, coffee, and the tranquility of a child-free existence.

Visit The Coop at 9504 4th Avenue, or call (718) 680-0269. They are open 7am to 7pm every day. Also, check ’em out on Facebook and Yelp!

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  1. I wish this place much success, but I’ve lived in Brooklyn (Bay Ridge, Dyker, Flatbush and Bensonhurst) all my life – 50 years, and never had any restaurant be hostile to having my kids there. We never needed anything more than a kids menu and two crayons, if that. Must be a generational thing where younger parents are letting their kids get away with rude or inappropriate behavior in public.

  2. As a stay at home mom, I’m obsessed with this place. When I go out to eat with my husband and our children on the weekend, we’re fine at any ol’ restaurant because it’s family time. But when I’m home alone with my kids all week, it’s so nice to go to the Coop for a play date – let the kids play in the back while me and the moms chat over coffee and lunch, not having to worry about entertaining them or rushing through a meal. Heaven sent. And the draft latte… OH THE DRAFT LATTE!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!

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