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Controversial Developer Purchases 6th Avenue Site For Condos

Development at 695-705 6th Avenue
The condo development will take place at 695-705 6th Avenue. (Image via Google Maps)

A developer who was recently caught up in a controversy surrounding charges of fraud has come to the neighborhood.

Shiraz Sanjana and real estate partner RNS Holdings purchased a site at 695-705 6th Avenue (between 20th and 21st Streets), according to the Daily News, which notes the 34,800-square-foot building was purchased for $9.9 million. And apparently, Sanjana intends to build a new condominium.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman banned Sanjana for a period of 16 months from selling condos after he, along with his business partner, was charged with fraud due to suspect paperwork involving another condominium project in Harlem.

This is Sanjana’s first project since the ban, which ended approximately six months ago.

Earlier this year, the architect Karl Fischer — who designed an apartment building that’s coming to the corner of 4th and Prospect Avenues — filed plans for a 3-story, 32-unit building at this location, but it’s unclear if those plans will hold with the new owners.

Considering the amount of new developments coming to the area, especially the multiple projects taking place on nearby 4th Avenue, do you think there’s room for this one on 6th Ave?

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  1. As someone who uses the Prospect Avenue subway I want these condos to stop. You can hardly get out of the station

  2. The building at Sixth & 21st has been in shady hands for quite some time, with no correct C of O for the yeshiva operating there. As for Sanjana, he sounds like a real piece of work.

    Homebuyers at the Mirada (East 110th) complained to the Attorney General’s office about pervasive water leaks and construction defects in their brand-new building, and that the developers failed to obtain a permanent certificate of occupancy from the City’s Department of Buildings.
    In the course of the investigation, it became clear that Scarpinito and Sanjana have participated in an elaborate ruse intended to defraud homebuyers – a ruse that was facilitated by their lawyer, Gruber. Scarpinito, Sanjana and Gruber submitted at least nine false filings to the Real Estate Finance Bureau in their attempt to skirt their obligations to deliver completed apartments to homebuyers and conceal the developers’ identities. They concealed their identities to avoid disclosing Scarpinito’s fraud conviction, as is required by law. The fraud was also an attempt to walk away with $3.2 million of purchasers’ deposit monies, and pin all liability on Scarpinito’s 83 year-old mother, Nancy Scarpinito, who was listed as the sole individual controlling the developer of the Mirada in filings with the bureau. (Attorney General’s Office)

  3. I hope it doesn’t happens as my windows face the roof of that school and if they build a condo not only they will kill my light and my air but it will also make for us impossible to breath

  4. We are so tired of these type of stories in our neighborhood. While we applaud the reuse of an underutilized, and as onemorefoldedsunset posts, shady operations…definitely never made the school part of the neighborhood. The bigger concern, besides yet more density in the packed neighborhood, is the likelihood, due to the developer’s track record, of illegal development. It will be necessary for the community to be diligent in keeping tabs that the demo and new build are by the books!

  5. You can count on me and everybody I can mobilize in this block as in my case, my whole source of air and light comes from my windows facing that school.I am very sad since I knew about it.I have been living in this apartment for 15 years enjoying the peace,now not only my peace will be gone but also I don’t know how I will be able to live here with such a huge construction that will force me to leave my windows completely closed.

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