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CONTEST: Tell Us How You Met Your Valentine, Win A Gift Certificate To Tete-A-Tete!

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I get to meet a lot of great people while running Sheepshead Bites, and I’ve been blessed to hear thousands of stories from residents over the site’s five years. There are the ones about playing stick-ball in the streets, or walking barefoot from Plumb Beach homes down to the water and diving in. There are the ones about school friends who went on to be powerful people and the ones about causing trouble in the weed-filled fields around the neighborhood before the development of Sheepshead Bay’s co-ops. Great restaurants, crazy characters, and on and on.

My favorites, though, are always from the long-married couples I meet at various events, who share with me their stories of meeting, dating, falling in love. Many, I think, are great for posts, but I rarely have the opportunity to get them down on paper and out into the world.

So help us gather the neighborhood’s great love stories, and tell us yours in the comments below. Use a real e-mail address because the best story will win a $20 gift certificate to Tete-a-Tete Cafe (2601 East 14th Street, at Avenue Z).

How will we decide the best? Below every comment there are up and down arrows. The story with the most “up” votes by Monday will win the gift certificate, so make sure to tell your friends to vote for you!

Oh, and let’s keep the stories clean, please!

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  1. Like so many people do, my husband and I met through our jobs. I was working in the data processing department of a law firm and he worked for the company that serviced the systems. We were both interested but for one reason or another we just weren’t making it happen.

    Then, one of the most tragic events of both our lives at that time happened. John Lennon was shot on December 8, 1980. Most of the people I worked with couldn’t understand why I was so upset the next day at work. To some extent, neither could I – I’m not the groupie type. But Jim could, and he asked me if I’d go to the memorial in Central Park with him.

    We spent the whole day together, could barely manage to leave each other to go home. But we did. Three months later, he moved in with me and we’ve been together ever since.

    To this day, I can’t hear John Lennon’s “Imagine” without tearing up because I can’t imagine life without Jim or how Yoko Ono bore the pain of losing John, Our first date was bittersweet. Life has had its ups and downs like it necessarily will but since that day it has had none of the bitter and all of the sweet.

  2. My wife and I met on AOL when we were 14. We finally met in person when we were 21 and have been together ever since.

  3. I met my husband on the CB radio 26 years ago- it was the day before Halloween and I was driving around with my girlfriend with the CB radio hooked up in the car and me with a freddie Cougar hand on (it was the day before halloween and we were bored lol) We were driving around the neighborhood talking on the CB waving at people. Then I heard this guy with a nice voice and started talking to him. Asked him where he was- he was driving car service and talking on the cb radio (upper channels) Kept asking him which street he was at – we were following him all the way to Bensonhurst . We finally caught up to him and pulled along the side his car – Me with the freddie Cougar hand – flashing my long nails – he must have thought I was crazy – he finally asked me for my number to go out the next day. My luck my phone was dead when I got home – well this girl was not going to let that stop her – I got my guts up and called him the next day – he actually told me he tried my # all night – well that was a relief – we went out that night and have been together since.

  4. Today, I took my cousin to Sloan-Kettering for continued cancer treatment. I was her chauffeur. We went out to dinner when we got back to Brooklyn, so I suppose we were each other’s Valentine’s for the day.

    Her diagnosis isn’t the best, but it’s far from fatal. Regardless, our conversation turned towards things morbid, as it was difficult to escape considering how we’d spent our day.

    It ended with a promise that we would repeat the scene in twenty years time after she had beaten the big C. It made both her and I smile.

    Oh…as to how we met, I was an infant. I’d offer more details, but my memory of the event is just a bit hazy.

  5. On June 22, 1974, a nutty little 13-year old thought chessplayers were nerds and geeks. She disrupted my chess game by stealing some pieces off the board.

    Thirty two years later, we finally began dating. We’ve been together ever since.

    When asked why thirty two years, I simply tell people “wha, don’t rush me”.

    This story is true, I don’t care how many people don’t believe it.

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