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Construction Underway On Tulip Cafe Lounge, A New Waterfront Restaurant



It was way, way back in spring of 2010 that we last reported on the waterfront cafe slated to replace the Dunkin’ Donuts at 2712 Emmons Avenue. Back then, it was to be a second outpost for Masal Cafe (1901 Emmons Avenue), called Masal Cafe Seaside, and was scheduled to open just a few months later. Then theĀ business partners quarreled, causing delays.

Fast forward three years, and the project has been re-christened Tulip Cafe Lounge, now headed by a former partner in Masal and a partner in Yooberry (1501 Sheepshead Bay Road).

With new signs hanging from the location, construction has been moving forward. They’ve ripped out the rear wall of what once was Dunkin’ Donuts, finally opening up the space to the beautiful waterfront (it’s long been a gripe of mine that there are not enough restaurants on the waterfront itself, and not enough of them capitalize on the scenery). It appears they have a small outdoor seating area back there as well.

The owners tell us they hope to open by the end of the summer, and will feature a Mediterranean vibe. They’ll serve a full menu of Turkish and Italian dishes, along with other goodies. Above is how it looks now, and here’s a rendering we found on their Facebook page:


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  1. Super happy to see the lot finally being put to use, although I’m not too sure how I feel about yet another Turkish/Mediterranean place on the bay. This will be the 6th right on Emmons Avenue alone, not counting a number of them that are right off of Emmons. Its bad enough two of them have an identical menu already.

    As is said here every time a new restaurant opens in our hood, where is the Indian food? How about a GOOD Mexican place (Jumpin’ Bean, you crushed my hopes and dreams just like everyone said you would). Hell, even the Taco Bell that used to be there would be welcome.

  2. It’s about time. What an eyesore. I don’t care WHAT goes up there. Should be nice. Nice location.

  3. I totally agree with BayResident. As nice as it is to see progress I wish there was a little more variety.

  4. Another restaurant/lounge on the bay? How many more we need!!
    Its like opening up another pharmacy on Brighton!!
    People need to get more creative

  5. I don’t know?! The last Turkish / Italian restaurant on Emmons Ave. I think it was called Jimmy’s didn’t last, It then became Pizza and Italian restaurant and then closed. Of course I hope the new place Tulip Cafe Lounge does well, I guess it depends on how good the food is, but it also, I guess, will depend on how pricey the menu is, hopefully it won’t be pricey! What do you think?

  6. Hi
    Thank you for your Comment and your well wishes. šŸ™‚
    Cafe Tulip’s Menu is going to be rich and unique. We will be bringing you an eclectic taste of the Mediterranean with a relaxing lounge atmosphere. We welcome you and your friends in advance.

  7. Hi- I share your optimism however we promise you a different
    experience. Cafe Tulip will have a Mediterranean theme along with a range of
    various tastes.
    One will be able to choose from Italian, Spanish, Greek,
    Israelis Turkish cuisine. We are sure you will be pleased with the different ā€œFajitasā€ we will be serving.
    welcome you and your friends.

  8. Hello Neighbor- Cafe Tulip will utilize the ambiance of the Bay to give you the total lounge experience. With great variety of food and an easy atmosphere if you choose the interior dining or the front garden or our back Bay view you will find us to be creative and different.
    We welcome you and your friends.

  9. Thank you! Its certainly nice to see you guys reading up on these concerns and taking them into consideration. That’s a good sign in my book. Too many business owners have ignored the feedback and ultimately failed.

    As someone who lives right across the street from you guys, I look forward to giving it a try and am indeed optimistic about having a new place, close by, to become a regular at.

    Good luck!

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