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Construction Underway At Hotel Across From Kings Theatre


1024 flatbush avenue hotel construction
Last summer we told you about a hotel slated to be built at 1024-1030 Flatbush Avenue (between Regent Place and Beverley Road) opposite the Kings Theatre, and as of earlier this week it seems like the project is moving right along.

Two buildings (show below last July as well as  via Google Maps in October) were torn down over the winter to make room for the new development, and we noticed some excavation equipment rolling around the empty lot a few weeks back.

1024 flatbush avenue hotel before
1024 flatbush avenue hotel via google mapsNow between the tarp across the front of the site, the former windows through the plywood fence being filled in to reduce busybodies’ visibility (sad photo below), and no shortage of construction noises, it’s clear the crew is really getting down to business.

construction fence nailed up
DOB records show that since the beginning of this year, the property has been approved for plumbing, mechanical, excavation, and sprinkler work.

As noted before, the hotel is expected to be seven floors, including ground floor retail spaces, for a total of 7,733 sq ft–and is expected to be completed, at this point, within the next year to year and a half (while the theatre is scheduled to reopen in December 2014 or January 2015). The latest expiration date on permits currently at the hotel site is October 2014.

1024-1030 flatbush avenue hotel permits
Savvy business owners might also be interested to know that the roughly 2,000 sq ft ground floor of 1034-1040 Flatbush Avenue, just south of the hotel site, is available for $10,833 per month via SRS Real Estate Partners‘ Erin Grace.

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  1. So this begs the question, will this new hotel but up to par with the quality of the theatre? Can we hope for a hotel on par with hotel’s like the standard or Nomad? or will this be on par with a Burger King, 99 cent store or other chain of nightmares?

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