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Construction Kicks Off For Emmons Avenue Beautification Project


The Parks Department planted approximately two dozen new trees along Emmons Avenue west of Ocean Avenue this week, as the city moves to complete the final phase of a decade-long rehabilitation of the waterfront.

The $460,000 project, funded by Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, will continue throughout the spring. On the checklist for beautification are:

  • repaired sidewalks
  • covered trash bins
  • new trees, with granite block pavement in enlarged tree pits
  • new curb cuts
  • fresh paint on the Bay’s railing
  • blue concrete and matching artistic design elements previously installed near the piers, from Ocean Avenue to East 27th Street
  • 1964 World’s Fair-style benches

When construction is finished, the Emmons Avenue street-scape will have seen a complete overhaul over the last decade. Repairs began in 2003, when the city installed new antique-style lights along Emmons Avenue and Shore Boulevard. In 2006, the city completed a similar renovation to the current one, from Ocean Avenue to East 27th Street, adding new benches, sidewalk designs, tree pits and more.

Cymbrowitz, in a press release, said that the improvements will help the community continue to recover from Superstorm Sandy.

“Beautifying Emmons Avenue is part of the larger mechanism of long-term recovery,” Cymbrowitz said. “Trees represent new life. They’re meant to last, and so is Sheepshead Bay.”

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  1. Wow spruce up Emmons Ave this sound great lets see if it stays that way when its completed. This is a big expence.

  2. How about cleaning up AVENUE U from Coney Island Avenue to Ocean Avenue.

    The Asian stores are over extending their limited amount what is allowed in their outdoor displays and are blocking the street, esp. the NEW YORK MART at 1721 Ave. U. They block a good part of the sidewalk, on this busy street with their flower displays obstructing a large part of the sidewalk. There is a bus shelter in front of the store and they always have extra displays there too, making it hard for the pedestrians to pass , as there are customers blocking the sidewalks checking out the merchandise on the sidewalk.

    It is a known fact what is going on here, yet no one gives a damn anymore. What was once a lovely shopping area has now become like the lower east side used to look like.

  3. Would be nice if you Ned Berke, who must know the local politicians would call this this to their attention. Then perhaps, something will be done. 311 doesn’t seem to do anything.

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