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Construction Begins At Coney Island’s New Steeplechase Plaza

SteepleChase Plaza
A rendering of Steeplechase Plaza by Coney Island Development Corp.

Looks like the big red parachute jump in Coney Island will have a new buddy.

The city began construction yesterday under the famous Parachute jump on the $29.5 million Steeplechase Plaza, reports the New York Post.

“The parachute jump has always been this amazing icon, but now you’re going to get to enter Steeplechase Plaza underneath it. And as you peek through it, it’ll pull you into the park,” said one of the plaza’s designer, David Rockwell from Rockwell Group, in a NY1 segment.

The 2.2 acre Steeplechase Plaza, will sit between West 16th Street and West 19th Street and will feature the B&B carousel, Coney Island’s last remaining historic carousel, on a two-story pavilion as the plaza’s center piece.

The 1919 wooden carousel was bought by the city in 2005 for nearly $2 million and is currently being restored in Ohio. It includes 50 hand-carved wooden horses and two chariots.

“Steeplechase Plaza is a first big step at building up the western end, that also includes soon-to-be built new playgrounds, shops and market-rate high-rise housing,” said local Councilman Domenic Recchia in the Post article.

The plaza and the carousel will be ready by 2013, says the city.

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  1. I see a few small inaccuracies in the rendered drawing above The few things missing are:

    1) Menacing looking gangs,
    2) Ever present garbage.
    3) Massive police presents.
    4) The new skyline seems to be missing the old projects housing
    5) Not a single seagull

    However the picture does feature a drawing of what appears to be a drag queen in red langirae, and right in front of the kids’ playground of all things.  A seaside utopia indeed.

  2. The TRUTH is, the boardwalk is safer than it’s been since the late 60’s. There’s more people walking it at all hours of the day (including 6:30AM, I’ve been there). That included way into Coney Island.

       It’s bad and false propaganda like this that scares people away. This ain’t the 70’s tuth. Yes, there is a Brooklyn Day problem the last 2 years, no denying  that.  Can’t deny some occasional incident. But I repeat: the boardwalk is safer than it’s been in 40 years.

       Thank goodness for our Russian immigrants. While my Jewish friends fled in fear, the Russians ain’t afraid of nobody, as we say here. They come out in numbers, and make it safe.

       Tuth apparently is not synonymous with truth, not in this case.

  3. I am so overjoyed, as a long-time resident of CI/Sheepshead, to see all these developments. Finally. FINALLY. Now if those morons who demand no progress and maintenance of slummy rundown structures,  will just shut their trap and stay in their rich neighborhoods and drink their Starbucks, maybe progress will be complete before I finish my time on this earth.  If I give Bloomberg credit for ONE THING, it’s his vision and implementation of the renewal of Coney Island, and he indeed deserves credit for finally getting the job started.

  4. they wouldn’t make the same mistake as they did in the 50’s/60’s and use the best ocean front land in the city to build low-income housing on it, losing billions of dollars in income that could have been used for lots of low income housing elsewhere. They wouldn’t do that again, would they? Would they? Would they? Oy, never underestimate a liberal. Your comment scares me.

  5. my family keeps getting contacted by an agent to ‘sell’ our family home on west 19th street between mermaid and neptune avenues… any idea if that street is going to be part of renewal effort? the offer for a multi-family house seems really low even in this depressed housing market

  6. Do not sell. DO NOT SELL. Unless you are given an offer beyond your wildest dreams. You must be teasing. That is a gold mine right now…..Mother Nature providing. Mother Nature can be a Bitch.

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