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Construction At East 18th Street Near Church Ave Slated To Finish By Year’s End, Building To Be Leased For Commercial Space


58 East 18 Street construction

Construction has been going on at 58 East 18th Street, by Church Avenue, for a little while now, but we just noticed the property management company has put up a giant “For Lease” sign on the structure that will become a 3,000-square-foot building with 5,000 square feet for parking.

58 East 18 Street construction

According to the sign posted on the building, which is located by a number of large apartment buildings, the Church Avenue B/Q subway station, and the incoming Q Gardens, the space is “ideal for a laundromat.” Another sign at the work site (located across the street from Checkers) stated that construction is projected to be completed in December of this year.

58 East 18 Street construction

The city Department of Buildings first issued a work permit for the construction of a new building at the site in August 2013. The most recent work permit was issued in May. A DOB complaint was filed for the site in June for the “construction site being unsafe.” The complaint is now closed, with the DOB noting that the “unsafe steel cylinder was removed.”

So, thoughts? What do you think should go there?

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  1. I would love to see Bobby’s go away into the history books. That place is the perfect example of what is wrong with America. Nothing is made well nothing is sustainably made. They are basically selling products that are, at best useable for a year and then straight into the landfill.

  2. Before you get rid of Bobby’s and all the 99 cent stores that sell the same quality stuff, you have to see a big change in income for the middle and lower classes. People know it’s junk, but they buy it because they cannot afford quality. It’s bad for the environment and I hate it too, but the solution isn’t as easy as “just stop buying it.”

  3. We needed a mop and I was like… shit lets grab one at Bobby’s. Before we could use it, it broke upon removing the plastic protecting the sponge attachment.

    I’d go if the place didn’t sell crap goods. Good deals rule. Bad deals don’t.

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