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Congressman Bob Turner: Brighton Beach Hero Jhordan Caballero “Exemplifies The Best Of Humanity”

Heroic Brighton Beach teen, Jhordan Caballero. Source: Brighton Neighborhood Association

Today is the last day Sheepshead Bites will be accepting donations on behalf of the BNA and Caballero family.

(Please note that donations made to the family or BNA through Sheepshead Bites are not tax-exempt as we are a for-profit business operating solely as a middleman.)

Following the tragic, fire-related death of young Brighton Beach hero Jhordan Caballero, and the incredible outpouring of support from our community — in particular, the Brighton Neighborhood Association, local firefighters, and Sheepshead Bites readers — Congressman Bob Turner has released a statement praising the efforts of the teen, the firefighters, and all who have reached out to his family by opening their hearts and their wallets:

“Jhordan proved himself a hero and was tragically taken too soon. He exemplifies the best of humanity. His selfless and courageous acts to save his younger brother, Renzo, and his 61-year-old neighbor, go above and beyond the call as both a brother and a Good Samaritan. We should all seek to give of ourselves, both every day and in times of great distress, as he did for the good of others.

“I would like to commend the Brighton Neighborhood Association, local firefighters of Engine 246 Ladder 169, and members of the community for their efforts to help the family of our native Brooklyn son and hero as they try to make arrangements for his funeral. These firefighters are a prime example of how seriously our first responders take their role. They not only came to this family’s rescue, but joined the efforts of the Brighton Neighborhood Association and other members of the community in their efforts to help this family honor their son and begin rebuilding their life. Your efforts to assist his family are a testament to his memory, and your willingness to lend a hand to a neighbor reminds others of the type of community that makes New York unique. May Jhordan’s memory be a blessing.”

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  1. Nice gesture, but what took Mr. Turner so long? 
    Just another grandstanding politician posing for the media spotlight. 

  2. Not grandstanding here. Just doing what any responsible person would do, and saying whatever any considerate person would say.

    It would have been nice if he had made the offer to help the family through the efforts of his office. They need all the help they can get right now.

  3. How do you know he hasn’t? Not everyone who donates to worthy causes announces their good deeds publicly. That’s why there are options for anonymity when giving toward charity. I get the cynicism toward politicians, particularly if they are GOP, because we know so well how you and “NSF” feel about them, but still, give the guy a break. So what if he had nothing to do with it. He applauded those who did, and publicly gave them the credit they rightly deserve. Why be cynical about that?

  4. It’s absolutely pathetic to bring politics into this. They cant even refrain HERE. Sounds like a cult to me: same opinions, same statements, same everything. One would think they’re the same person using different screennames. Personally I’d be ashamed to be one sheep in the bunch. Especially in this thread.

    And thank you. Not everyone who is charitable needs to brag and score political points.

    I find this thread disgusting. I’m so outta here.

  5.  There is nothing cynical in what I wrote. If his office had been involved to this point he would had indicated that. There would be nothing wrong in bringing attention to that fact. But in an overwhelming situation such as this one it is sometimes far better for those who can help to reach out before being asked.

    This is a circumstance where politics does not belong. It appears to me that you’re  reading far more into my words than was intended.

  6. love this Lisanne- all Turner all wrong all the time no matter what…. this is why people are tired of this stuff.. lisanne states “If his office had been involved to this point he would had indicated that.” I wonder if Lisanne would apologize if she knew that Turners office had been involved or Turner gave a contribution would she apologize??? Probably notm she would then condemn him for doing things for political gain- right Lisanne?? The point is the same with her- no matter what Turner sucks and can do no right… so sad….

  7. Oh, Sam.I may have voted for Turner but can you knowingly say his office did do anything like send out e-mails to the same people they sent e-mails for votes.
    Whatever Lisanne said does not need proof. Your accusations do. Show me what he did do. So what Lisanne thinks Turner sucks as do many others. What’s your real point?
    And yes, he might have grandstanded a bit if he had dine anything special.

  8. I agree with NSF (and Lisanne!), if Turner’s office was on top of this in a way that was helpful to the family they would have pointed it out. Obviously its the right thing to say something. Unfortunately, with Turner that’s as far as it goes. Do we really need him to tell us that Jhordan was a hero?

    What’s worse is this post from Erica Sherman. This gratuitous article highlighting Bob Turners nothingness seems like nothing but an oily transparent attempt to plant positive mentions and curry favor with this creep.

    I apologize if I’ve offended anyone. I just have a more skeptical view of what I read and hear. I’m just sayin…so don’t shoot me.

  9. Gratuitous article? We received a statement and we ran it with a short blurb to give context. We do this several times a week from every politician in the area. 
    We didn’t gush. We didn’t cheer. It was as far as it gets from “gratuitous.”

  10. I disagree. In fact, I’d say the article you ran previously on this story was very good but posting a PR statement from a politician who contributed nothing and injecting him into the narrative is “gratuitous”. What has Turner done in relation to this tragedy other than issue a statement? Is that all it takes to get mentioned?

    For all those who think its a democrat vs republican thing I would be just as skeptical if it was that greasy chump Fidler had something to say.

  11. It’s certainly your right to be skeptical. But the statement speaks for itself. He issued a release, and we almost always run releases when they’re relevant to news we’ve been covering. One of the reasons we rarely edit or rewrite releases is because we think leaving it as-is lets you as a reader make the decision on whether it’s important and meaningful or just grandstanding. That’s not gratuitous, it’s trusting our readers to be able to come to decisions themselves.

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