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Congressional Candidate Mark Murphy Comes To Sheepshead Bay In Search Of Support


We noted recently that new Congressional district lines means we’ll be seeing a lot of new faces in our neck of the woods. With the 13th District, currently occupied by Republican Michael Grimm, morphing into the 11th District, it bulks out further into Brooklyn to include parts of Sheepshead Bay and Gravesend.

Enter one of the new faces you’ll see more often as the election nears: Democrat Mark Murphy, who is challenging Grimm.

Murphy came before the Southern Brooklyn Democrats at their Monday night meeting this week, seeking support from the progressive group for his campaign. Murphy did a short Q&A, telling attendees that he hopes to “protect the next generation” and “those who do not have a voice,” as well as Medicare and Medicaid for the generation that came before. He slammed his opponent, Michael Grimm, for having slashed Medicare and Medicaid while offering tax cuts to overseas companies and oil companies.

Murphy also criticized Grimm for his failure to fight for jobs in New York City when federal guidelines force the city to turn to out-of-state contractors for public projects.

What caught our ear was a response Murphy gave to a question about the natural gas pipeline that may soon be installed beneath Jamaica Bay, Gateway National Recreation Area and Floyd Bennett Field. The bill permitting construction of such a pipeline was sponsored by Grimm. Murphy said he supported the expansion of natural gas service, but that if it’s to benefit a private company, the funding for it should come from private sources. However, a number of details in his answer revealed he was not familiar with some of the elements of the plan – such as the fact that no pipeline already exists within the park – or the safety and environmental concerns from neighbors.

Sheepshead Bites followed up with Murphy to ask him to clarify his stance, based on details we provided from our earlier coverage. Here is his updated statement:

We face a constant challenge in balancing our energy needs against protecting our natural resources, and this project is no exception. While this project, linking Brooklyn and Staten Island to an existing offshore pipeline, has the potential to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and polluting high-sulfur heating oil it still brings clear risk to the environment. Therefore, I believe that any gas pipeline must first and foremost be built and managed under strict oversight and adhering the most rigorous environmental standards, and that any company with a poor safety record or past safety law violations should be banned from involvement in this project. No taxpayer funds should be used in its construction, and impingement on the seafloor must be minimized. While we still need a longer-term energy policy that reduces our dependence on fossil fuels in general, in the immediate future our responsibility is to ensure that we continue to phase out more polluting energy sources like high-sulfur home heating oil and decrease New York’s overall carbon footprint.

Southern Brooklyn Democrats voted to endorse Murphy at the end of the meeting.

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  1. Mark Murphy? He was born in Staten Island, left there 20 years ago for an acting career which failed miserably. He turned to real estate and met with more failure. He was doing so badly that he couldn’t pay his real estate taxes and had a lien put on his house by the City of Los Angeles. He moved back here some months ago to seek his political fortunes using the Democratic Party connections of his jailbird father, the former ABSCAM congressman Jack Murphy who got caught on tape taking a $50K bribe from FBI agents dressed as Arab shieks, and did time in the Federal pen for crimes against the state. At 41 years of age, this bankrupt failure of a man lives with his daddy because he doesn’t have a job.

    Murphy is as big a loser and a fake as they come. Check this website with the best of his Hollywood career. What a fool!

  2. So I guess he is totaly for this use of NPS property for the pipeline even when other options exist.

  3. Not that I really care…..But what’s up with you Grimm and Murphy. Never heard of any of ya’ until 3 months ago.  You seem to have no other political opinions. Who do you work for?

  4. Not that I really care either but your Internet footprint shows you to be a shill for Michael Grimm.

    I think Grimm is getting the worst of that arrangement.

  5. Not that I really care either but your Internet footprint is lined with horse manure. Only a shill for Murphy would ignore that he is a carpetbagger, a life failure, a deadbeat and also the son of crooked congressman and then jump around accusing his critics of being a shill for a Grimm. Maybe I just know the guy well and I am warning you new Brooklyn voters not give him the time a day. If I was a shill for Grimm I would have mentioned voting for him and I haven’t.

  6. You were out spreading the word about Murphy before the district lines were decided.

    Let’s say it is personal. Do you think that anything you’ve written is a disqualifier?

    As for my opinion of Murphy I’m not impressed with his presentation. I don’t buy the sincerity of his concern. But what I do want is for his qualifications and positions to be considered from a neutral perspective.

  7. […] Congressional Candidate Mark Murphy Comes To Sheepshead Bay In Search Of SupportSheepshead BitesWith the 13th District, currently occupied by Republican Michael Grimm, morphing into the 11th District, it bulks out further into Brooklyn to include parts of Sheepshead Bay and Gravesend. Enter one of the new faces you'll see more often as the … […]

  8. Manure? You talking shit? Go look through your discus background. If you are not a paid shill (I like that word) you should be. Not that I really care. LOL

  9.  How about the simple qualification of having lived and worked in the district where he is going to be representing over 340,000 voters for more than 2 years. I am telling you his qualifications. Until recently he lived his entire adult life in California and worked as a cable TV actor and then turned to real estate. In 2007 he was so financially irresponsible or just plain broke that Los Angeles filed a tax lien against him. He moved here in 2010 into father’s house, broke and divorced. His politically connected father got him a job in the Public Advocate’s office representing three boroughs in NYC, even though he hadn’t lived here for 18 years.

    Nothing I said is untrue, whether you think I am neutral or not. If you think people don’t need to have lived in the place they want to represent for a good deal of time, then vote for him. I think it is wrong that the Democrats are even running him as it is only a favor to his criminal of a father.

  10. Why do you want to make an issue about me rather than what I am saying? Can prove I am lying about anything I said about the guy? Do you make ad hominem arguments?

  11. Oooooh, Ooooooh I know, I know. A Shill as has been pointed out. Nice of you to warn everyone on any site you can when Murphy is mentioned. You don’t post about anything else, ya’ know birds, bees, Obama,Bloomberg, nope just Murphy and Grimm. An x-lover who is vengeful or a shill (cool word) take your pick. 

  12. If you want to see Ms. Jenny Ling Po’s bias just go to her website, (if it is still there), called ‘Dr. Zaius’ Staten Island Democrats Hall of Shame’. She is on a mission, (and shill doesn’t even begin to describe it).

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